Pecos League: Baseball, Beer and Politics

Pecos League LogoWe haven’t talked much about the indy pro Pecos League this season, but the Santa Fe New Mexican posted an article by intern sports writer Zack Ponce Saturday that will get you up to speed.  According to a quote by league commissioner Andrew Dunn, Las Vegas (NM), Taos (NM), and Alpine (TX) are questionable for next season.  Read more here.


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5 responses to “Pecos League: Baseball, Beer and Politics

  1. Steve

    Ken Tater is obviously a drunk and is only concerned about drinking instead of watching a baseball game. I’m one of the few fans that believes all beer and alcohol should be banned from all major sporting arenas across the country. The number of incidents will fall dramatically once this country realizes that beer is the cause for most of these major incidents. If minor league baseball is considered family entertainment, then you shouldn’t sell adult beverages in the prescense of kids!

    • BB FAN

      @ Steve – these comments are insane…Ken Tater, I do not know, but sounds like the average baseball fan to me…without the sale of beer, most professional sports franchises couldn’t survive financially. Maybe you should relocate to Utah and enjoy their beerless professional sports.

      • ballparkbiz


        Point of correction — I was in Salt Lake recently for a Triple-A Salt Lake Bees game and enjoyed a few tasty barley pops. No beer cup holders in the front row though. See my frustration below:


    • Ken Tater

      Steve…I am sorry if you took my comments the wrong way, but were based on the fact that professional baseball franchises struggle to make money. Besides the fact that food and beverage are a major source of gross revenue, beer is a high margin item. Couple that with the fact that beer companies provide cash sponsorships to sell their products in ballpark. Without the profit from beer sales and sponsorship dollars, I don’t know how a team could make it.

  2. Ken Tater

    This is ridiculous. Beer is sold at every professional sporting event in the country. To indicate to the team that beer or liquor can’t be sold at their games is basically telling them that we don’t want you.

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