Diamond League for Worcester?

Diamond League LogoNot surprisingly, Worcester (MA) is a primary target for the new indy pro Diamond League announced this past week.  As quoted in the Worcester Telegram, league founder Frank Boulton had this to say:

“Worcester’s chances of being part of the six teams that we announce in August are very good.”

Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.


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11 responses to “Diamond League for Worcester?

  1. Matty

    I don’t necessarily think attendance will skyrocket but in the case of Gary they are over 450 miles from their closest team so relevance to a league would be nice for them. In the case of Three Rivers and Quebec, I never said they would join the Northern League, I simply stated with it being easily to assume Newark and New Jersey along with Worcester, Sussex and Atlantic City in the Diamond League what happens with Quebec and Three Rivers, although they have Miles Wolff attachments I surely don’t think they are a viable fit for the American Association due to the already horrendous travel. I don’t have any teams “jumping ship” other than the ones that are in question as mentioned. I strongly feel a lot will change throughout Indy Ball over the course of the next couple of months. I am also maybe selfishly hoping that Brockton returns to Professional Baseball, one could only hope.

    • Fan of Baseball

      So the CanAm League is going to disband just like that after the 2013 season. I don’t think its a forgone conclusion that Newark & New Jersey will join the Diamond League… New Jersey is a very successful organization dating back to 1998. You have to remember that the Diamond League is only playing 60 games in 2014, compared to the 100 game slate in the CanAm League. Sounds more and more like a Northern League executive praying and hoping for change, for what reason I have no clue. Has anyone read/heard of teams being in question? Especially the CanAm League teams.

      • Matty

        yes New Jersey is a good operation but Newark I think is the only honest team out there announcing between 150 and 700 people per game, and with that they can surely benefit from a shorter season and bus travel where most of there travel now is to Canada and the Central Market Teams.

        I am not sure what the Northern League is doing, but I really don’t think they would go with the Elkhart Project if nothing else was lined up.

  2. Just Some Internet Guy That You Dont Know

    You can’t compare ANYTHING to the clusterf*** that’s happening in the west. I actually read someone’s comment in another forum where they said all indy ball should die just because those issues in the west. The problem in the west is it’s the same people. GBL, NAL, and all the others have someone from the previous league and they keep doing the same damned thing over and over. This includes the “new” Northern League.

  3. Matty

    @IndyGuy78 – In NO WAY can anything Frank Boulton, Peter Kirk and Joe Klein touch turn into a Pecos or a Freedom League. Their pedigree within this business speaks for itself, while I don’t see any value in a “feeder league” to an independent league it is clear that the Can-Am League is finished and those places need a good foundation.

    • IndyGuy78

      Matty, Yes love the backing as well with Frank Boulton. Just out here in the west we see alot of failure Indy pro wise. I mean the Pacific Assocation teams are playing a men’s league team out of northern California, The East Bay Lumberjacks. It seems to get worse out here, year by year. I am hoping the Diamond starts on the right foot and stays on it. Matty any thoughts on the new Norther League ?

      • Matty

        I really don’t know, I can see what you are saying…I think if they do things right, then give them a chance. The GBL, NAL, Pacific Association have all been mixtures of the same people and even more so the AWBL. However, the Northern League and Diamond League I think will be different, first of all the people working on each league the Northern League with Dan Evans, whom for what its worth is probably the best known baseball guy in any Independent League outside of Joe Klein not to mention Harry Stavrenos who was the second in command for the original Northern League (1993-2010) of which lets not forget really set the bar for every other league out there. The Diamond League is going to be as close to a sure thing as I can see with Boulton, Kirk and Klein…these guys know how to do things right, they run a class organization and although it will be “unaffiliated” we all know what to expect. I don’t agree with any comments about Independent Baseball should die because of the continued bs on the west coast. As I can see and from what I know here on the east coast is Baseball will thrive, I think the future of Indy ball will consist of the Atlantic League, American Association, Frontier League, Northern League and Diamond League, a lot of questions remain unanswered…for example, The Diamond League will almost surely include Bridgeport, CT (Atlantic League), with that being said the “Malden, MA” project will surely have to look elsewhere as they will not look to start in a league where their closest travel partner is 250 miles away in Long Island. Then if Newark and New Jersey along with Worcester and Atlantic City end up in the Diamond League, then what happens with Quebec, Three Rivers and Rockland which does NOT meet Atlantic League stadium requirements, but surely exceeds the Diamond League, even more so with its $30 million dollar stadium. Then how much longer can Sugar Land operate on its own in Texas without any travel partners. Does the Atlantic League take on Fort Worth, Grand Prairie and Laredo from the American Association? What can the Northern League do, I know one thing, the league would not announce a new stadium in Elkhart, Indiana without knowledge of further developments or current team options, further the team would not have chosen the Northern League over the Frontier (noted in several press) if they did not feel it was a great thing for their market. Even further announced at their press conference in Elkhart was a man named John Baxter former President of the South Bend, Indiana franchise who happens to be a close colleague of Pat Salvi’s (owner of the Gary SouthShore RailCats) an original Atlantic League team that is more than 450 miles away from their closest travel partner, for all of you hating on the Northern League, you can’t argue that it wouldn’t make sense. I saw someone make a post that Joliet, Schaumburg and Gary could be Northern League possibilities, and then another gentlemen said “why would they leave established leagues for an unknown” and I personally think it makes great sense, all three of those teams have died off tremendously in fan support since leaving the Northern League, and I know gary reports 3,500 people per game but I have gone to 5 weekend games in the last 2 months and have yet to see more than 1,200 people in the seats, so I say to not count out Dan Evans or Harry Stavrenos I think they know what they are doing. For the Pacific Association, I think they need to separate from Hawaii, keep it small and for the love of anything baseball stay away from the coast line of southern california. Pecos, Freedom, Independent, and United I personally don’t think any of them have enough strength, experience or backing to really sustain themselves.

        But by any count there are 10 current independent leagues, making up 67 teams, and more than 7 new developments under way, not to mention the two top-tier collegiate wood bat leagues (Futures and Northwoods) that play in former Independent and Affiliated Markets and are growing tremendously with 24 teams playing this season, so on the contrary to the negative comments, the haters and the loyal writers of each respective league, I think the Independent Leagues are growing and will continue to grow.

      • IndyGuy78

        Matty, Great read thank you.

  4. The LAST thing we need is another Indy League. This is obviously a Retread of failed in other Leagues- Atlantic and North East -Can Am. venues. Let the Can Am League expand and beware pipe dream creations-Diamond league fiascos

    • Indyguy78

      Ed, totally with you on needing another indy league, with all these that fell flat on there face. Take a look at there website. Have some good backing, and from what I hear there looking to be a feeder league. Then again it might all fall apart, and be another black eye on the Indy pro baseball.
      We dont need another freedom league around. At least the pecos league has there games. and is not being locked out of there fields.

    • Fan of Baseball

      I think its crazy to think a team like Gary or Joliet leaving their current league for the new Northern League and their attendance will skyrocket because they are back in their old league… doesn’t work that way. As for Dan Evans, sure he is a very good baseball man, but him not leaving the Blue Jays and taking a fulltime gig with the Northern League tells me a lot. Evans, & Joe Klein might be well known in independent baseball but what about Miles Wolff, the creator of indy ball? @ Matty it sure seems that you have a ton of teams jumping ship from league to league in one season… I highly doubt Quebec & Trois Rivieres will ever join the new Northern League as Quebec was owned by Miles Wolff, and Miles Wolff is a minority owner in Trois Rivieres. The new Northern League better get on with it in naming teams, only 10 months away from the start of their season.

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