Atlantic League Expansion to The Woodlands Pondered

Atlantic League LogoHouston Press blogger John Royal takes a look at possible expansion of the indy pro Atlantic League in the Houston area, particularly The Woodlands.  Read more here.  Thank to John Cerone for the link.


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5 responses to “Atlantic League Expansion to The Woodlands Pondered

  1. Karl

    I do not doubt the Atlantic League, but I highly doubt they could get the inside track at The Woodlands over the Astros. Instead of saturating the Houston market, why not look into building a stadium in Abilene, or Shreveport and be the only game in town?

  2. Jason

    I would like to see the Atlantic League expand elsewhere on the east coast; perhaps, just like the Vikings who raided parts of England from their homeland, the league will have to expand throughout the Lone Star State.

  3. Karl, why are you doubting the clout of the Atlantic League ? In their 16 years of existence, they have made very few wrong moves. If they think the Houston suburbs can support additional independent teams, why doubt them ? While Fort Worth is surely on their radar, I doubt that San Angelo is.

    • Fan of Baseball

      Fort Worth is a great spot for an Atlantic League franchise. The only problem is the United Baseball League currently operates the Fort Worth Cats out of LaGrave Field in Fort Worth. Only time will tell on what will happen with baseball in Fort Worth. As for San Angelo, not going to happen. With the American Association losing El Paso after this season the AA is left with three teams in Texas. Any truth to Laredo wanting to join the Atlantic League for the 2014 season? It’s about a 4 1/2 hour drive to & from, Laredo & Sugar Land, closer then any other city in the American Association. Teams could fly into Houston or San Antonio. Laredo has a brand new ballpark that would meet Atlantic League standards. When you look at it right now, the Atlantic League won’t have any teams joining Sugar Land for the 2014 season unless they take on Laredo. Fort Worth is a possibility but that’s a long process in buying the team & stadium and then completely gutting it to meet Atlantic League standards.

  4. Karl

    Sorry, The Woodlands is going to be Astros AAA not an Indy ball team!! I would guess that other North of Houston community mentioned is Kingwood. If I am the Atlantic League I would focus my attention to San Angelo, and Fort Worth.

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