Council to Vote Tuesday on New $60.8 Million Ballpark Contract

Pacific Coast LeagueThe El Paso City Council will vote Tuesday on a proposal to increase the price tag for the new ballpark for the relocating Triple-A Tuscon Padres (Pacific Coast League) by $8-million to pay for additional seating and amenities.  Read more here.

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One response to “Council to Vote Tuesday on New $60.8 Million Ballpark Contract

  1. Bflobaz

    Best of luck to the taxpayers. I mean it sincerely, though as much a minor league baseball fan as I am, we’re still talking about building a minor league baseball stadium for a private enterprise. Haven’t we learned anything about that over the past couple generations. A new stadium tends to bring in the fans for a few years, but then the bloom comes off the rose and attendance begins to fall. The biggest factor in minor league attendance is ultimately the quality of the product on the field, all the contests and noise and mascots and promotions. If the team stinks and most are out of it by Memorial Day, it is difficult to bring people in the door.

    Buffalo NY built a new stadium in the early 1990’s and broke minor league attendance marks for some time (even as they count ‘tickets sold’ rather than bodies in the seats) because of interest in the stadium. They were even a Cleveland affiliate for a nice period of time and their parent club actually cared about the quality of the team. Notwithstanding, attendance began dropping. Cleveland decided to shift to Columbus OH to be closer to their AAA and AA clubs and the Mets came on-board. Yeah, the history of that was written before the ink was dry on the 3 year agreement and they’ve gone with the Blue Jays, who seem to have a little more empathy for providing a more talented group of minor league veterans and promising youngsters.

    But attendance isn’t what it once was, economy, shrinking population and all the rest of the factors making minor league ball a difficult sell in some places — as enjoyable and family friendly as it is.

    That brings me back to El Paso. Sure, they’ve got a large population to draw from, but it is still minor league ball. Hope the Padres provide a quality team or … someone else has to dig deep to pay the bonds. What’s the contract require from the Padres and who is to say they’ll stick around until the debt is paid?

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