Boulton’s Diamond League Announced

Diamond League LogoPRESS RELEASE – The formation of a new professional baseball league to be known as “The Diamond League of Professional Baseball,” was announced today following a league meeting held this morning.

The announcement was made by Frank Boulton, the League’s Chief Executive Officer and by Michael Pfaff, Diamond League Executive Director. Boulton is also CEO and founder of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Clubs. Pfaff is currently President and General Manager of the successful Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League.

Diamond League LogoAccording to Boulton and Pfaff the Diamond League is being formed to create a platform for the developing professional baseball player. The Rule 4 draft or otherwise known as the “amateur draft” has shrunk from unlimited, to fifty rounds, to its current forty round format. Many college players, first, second and third year professional players are finding themselves undrafted or released with few options to further their baseball careers. The Diamond League will focus on the development of these talented athletes. Mike Piazza (drafted in the 62nd round) and Keith Hernandez (drafted in the 42nd round of the Rule 4 draft) are just a couple of examples of players that would not have been drafted if current limits were in place at the time of their drafts.

The Diamond League has announced that an advisory board has also been created consisting of professional baseball owners, executives, former major league players and current college coaches. The members of the advisory board include Joe Klein, former general manager of the Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians and Texas Rangers; Bud Harrelson, former major league player and manager; Peter Kirk, president of the Atlantic League and minor league team owner; Kevin Baez, former MLB player and current Atlantic League manager; Tony Rosenthal, long-time minor league owner; Ellie Rodriguez, former MLB player; Joe Godri, current coach of the Villanova University Wildcats; and Tal Smith, former president of the Houston Astros.

Some specifics about The Diamond League:

Roster Limits and Player Eligibility:

Rosters will be comprised of a minimum of 22 players and a maximum of 24 players. Players must be 21 years of age and no player may be 26 prior to January 1 of the current season. No player with five or more years of professional service will be eligible to play in the Diamond League.

Regular Season:

2014-60 games for six team league

2015-84 games for eight team league

League Executives:

Frank Boulton-CEO/Chairman
Michael Pfaff-Executive Director/COO
Seth Waugh-Senior Vice President

League Office:

Diamond League of Professional Baseball Clubs, LLC
Bethpage Ballpark
3 Court House Drive
Central Islip NY 11722

The Diamond League of Professional Baseball Clubs, LLC is a six to eight-team professional baseball league that will be owned and operated by experienced professional baseball team owners and executives to create a platform for the developing professional baseball player.


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5 responses to “Boulton’s Diamond League Announced

  1. Pat Salvi

    Frank Boulton has a proven track record of success. I
    would be bullish on the Diamond League

  2. in the know

    Will be interesting to see how this shakes out. Yes they have a proven track record of success in the Atlantic League (for the most part) but now they want to go into former failed markets with a rookie type league (wonder if the Frontier League is thinking “copy cats”). Wonder what owners want to take this one on? Good luck though-Opening Day is less than a year away!

  3. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Doug. It’s not an indy problem. It’s a very very very poor planning problem and people who seem to have no concept of marketing, promotion and have run things into the ground before they even start. I would not count the NAL or any of the other incarnations of it. Those were doomed before they even started

  4. Doug

    Not to be pessimistic but indy start up leagues have been dying like flies of late. Hope this one fares better.

  5. Great to hear ! If anyone can start a league and make it a success, Boulton is the guy. Hopefully the can bring pro baseball back to places like Brockton, Worcester, and Sussex County.

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