Panasonic Partners with New Neighbors Newark Bears to Enhance Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium

Newark Bears LogoPRESS RELEASE – Panasonic Eco Solutions North America announces that it has installed new, cutting-edge LED videoboards at the Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium in partnership with the Newark Bears. The stadium is in the same city soon to be the new home of Panasonic’s North American headquarters – Newark, New Jersey.

Installed in time for the May 17th home opener against the Rockland Boulders, Panasonic designed and installed one main LED board in the outfield and an exterior marquee LED display on the façade of the facility. The installation of the main videoboard comes in tandem with the stadium’s restoration of the four surrounding backlit boards that were severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy.


“The Newark Bears are excited to have such an incredible neighbor and partner.  Purchasing all new video boards was a huge step for us, especially being that this is our “make it’ year, but the new boards add a significant value towards our renovations and improvements.  They will also bring more value to our community, team and fans.” states the Bears Owner/General Manager, Danielle Dronet.

Opened in 1999, Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium is a 6,200-seat baseball park in Newark, New Jersey that hosts the historic Newark Bears. The Bears’ legacy in professional baseball dates back to 1917 when the team was introduced to the International League. Having made their mark in history as the legendary minor-league team that produced great talent for the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs, the Bears were finally reformed in 1998 by former Yankee catcher, Rick Cerone, and on July 16, 1999, they inaugurated their new park. The stadium name pays tribute to the city’s former Negro League Team, the Newark Eagles, formed via the merger of the Newark Dodgers and the Brooklyn Eagles in 1936.

The new 16mm LED main videoboard measures 12.6 feet high by 29.4 feet wide, and enriches the fan viewing experience with a broader display. Installing the board required the removal of the existing LED from the centerfield structure along with the static signage on either side. Further enhancements were made to the exterior of the stadium on Broad Street with the installation of a 3.5 feet high by 12.6 feet wide, 20mm doubled-faced marquee LED display that will allow for full color logos and messaging to highlight games and provide advertising opportunities.

To complete the phase one solution, the stadium’s control system was also upgraded; this required special attention in its integration with the existing scoring system. As part of a multi-phase project, the second phase will involve the installation of an additional double-faced display to replace the current sign located at the intersection of Bridge St. & McCarter Highway.

“With our new Headquarters near completion, we are excited about being a member of the Newark community and it is with great pride that our first local initiative is with the legendary Newark Bears,” said Richard Ballard, VP of Sales, Panasonic Eco Solutions North America. “It’s only fitting that we help enhance an organization that has brought so much to the city.”

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One response to “Panasonic Partners with New Neighbors Newark Bears to Enhance Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium

  1. Steve

    Don’t understand why Panasonic would assist in installing a new scoreboard. Obviously, they’re not baseball fans. They haven’t noticed the attendance figures of the Newark Bears over the last 6 years!

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