Revived Northern League: New Stadium and ‘Elkhart County Miracle’ Announced

Elkhart County Miracle LogoCraig Wallin, who unsuccessfully tried to bring professional baseball to Elkhart County (IN) in 2010, announced on Friday his plans to build a new multi-million dollar stadium and launch the Elkhart County Miracle in 2014 as part of the revived indy pro Northern League.  Wallin said the financing is in place and the project is a “sure thing.”  Dan Evans, commissioner of the circuit, joined Wallin at the Economic Development Corp. of Elkhart County offices for the announcement, saying the squad is the first league team to be formally announced.  Read more hereView news report here.

Northern League LogoPRESS RELEASE – A press conference has been called for 1 p.m. Friday, June 7, at the Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart to discuss the league affiliation of Elkhart County Miracle summer baseball team. Northern League CEO Nick Desrosiers will be there to announce that Craig Wallin, owner of the Elkhart County Miracle and the Northern League have agreed to terms and signed an agreement for the Miracle to have a team participating in the Northern League of Professional Baseball in 2014 as well as the new construction of an estimated $12 million baseball stadium and mixed-use retail, office, and restaurant complex.

“This, along with the launch of the Northern League’s website, are huge steps in preparing for the 2014 Northern League baseball season. It is pretty widely known that Elkhart had been considering participating in other leagues including the Northwoods Summer Collegiate League and the Frontier League of Professional Baseball. For them to change direction and decide to partner with the Northern League is a testimony to the exciting things that we are bringing to the table. Our commissioner, Dan Evans, was instrumental in helping bring forth this agreement as well as the vision, values and leadership of the Northern League,” said Derosiers.

When asked of his thoughts, Mr. Evans stated, “I have known Craig Wallin for 25 years and he is a big reason why I wanted to move forward with this franchise. His character is impeccable, while his overall vision and feel for doing things right are exceptional making him an ideal partner for the Northern League. Evans, a native Chicagoan added, “I have traveled to northern Indiana countless times and I know that professional baseball will not merely be well received but will thrive in Elkhart. During my last visit there I heard the fans excitement firsthand.” He continued, “I believe that Elkhart County may be one of our league’s best strategic locations given that 21 million people live within 150 miles of the franchise. In addition, we are proud to be a part of the community’s significant growth since the recent economic downturn.” Evans concluded, “This is an exciting day for both Elkhart County and the Northern League.

“We have many things that we have been working on as we prepare for the re-launch of the Northern League in 2014. These are some of the first pieces of the puzzle. The website and the addition of Elkhart into our footprint…and there is plenty more to come. To say that we are excited is an understatement,” added Derosiers.

More information will be coming out for the Northern League. Check for up to the minute updates and news releases and commissioner Dan Evans weekly live blog which will be starting shortly.


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5 responses to “Revived Northern League: New Stadium and ‘Elkhart County Miracle’ Announced

  1. in the know

    Another grenade lobbed in the invasion of an MiLB territory by a POSSIBLE Independent team. The folks in South Bend can’t be happy but a long way to go in Elkhart and for the league. 11 months from opening and they have one team with no ballpark and no one for them to play anyway. Hey but they have a logo and a website.

  2. Why would Gary, Joliet, and Schaumburg jump from their current leagues to a complete unknown ? That makes no sense.

    So far the new Northern League has one announced franchise, which doesn’t even have a home park.

  3. jason id say the clubs you listed are 3 id pick to move

  4. Jason

    Who else would be in the league: Gary, Joliet, Schaumburg, etc? More power to them if they can pull it off. It would be great to see the Northern League return.

  5. looks like the nol just might be an indiana , illinois , michigan league which imo makes perfect sense !

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