Dubois County Bombers: New Ownership, New League

Dubois County Bombers LogoSlipping under our radar over the past few months, the summer collegiate Dubois County Bombers have quietly moved from the Prospect League to the Ohio Valley League under new ownership.  Like the indy pro Frontier League after the 2002 season, the Prospect League has unfortunately lost a nifty little ballpark — League Stadium — which was built as a set for the movie A League of Their Own.

That said, because the Bombers averaged just 361 fans per game last season in the tiny market of Huntingburg (IN) (pop. 6,000), this is likely a good move for both parties.  For the business-focused Prospect, it is important to venture beyond markets this size.  For the Bombers, the OVL, made up of a number of teams from the inactive KIT (Kitty) League, is a less evolved circuit that will have fewer demands and a smaller footprint to reduce travel costs.   Read announcement hereView League Stadium video here.  Thanks to Mark Tobin for the heads up.


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9 responses to “Dubois County Bombers: New Ownership, New League

  1. IndyFan

    Some of them!!! Cape Cod League is all non-profit but highly regarded as the most successful of the wood bat leagues. The Madison Mallards of the Northwoods League averages more than 5,500 people per game and is very successful. A different form of Collegiate league is the Futures League which occupies stadiums of 1,500 to 4,750 seats and their business model requires each team to have a certain portion of their roster be that of local talent, and their model is also more minor-league like. Was developed in part by Del Welber owner of the Single A Lowell Spinners (Red Sox Affiliate), and some very notable ownership groups Pat Salvi, Van Schley, Bill Murray, Chris Carminucci, all experienced minor league operators and Chris Hall the Commissioner used to be an Atlantic League General Manager in Nashua…So to answer your question, YES, in the right circumstances and the right model they can make a little bit of cash and provide great affordable, community based baseball at the Amateur level which being more affordable to the investor.

  2. Crumbles

    One could make the argument that perhaps the league is parting with underperforming markets. On the other hand, it’s not like the PL is replacing those markets.
    Perhaps they overextended themselves with Rockford.

  3. Mark.

    I wonder who will replace the Bombers? Since the league expanded in 2009 they’ve added 10 new teams but lost four.

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