Finances Dog Cats, As 2013 Schedule is Released

Ft. Worth Cats LogoDespite the outcry by some vendors and employees over not being paid, the indy pro Fort Worth Cats (United League Baseball) released their schedule for the upcoming 2013 season.  Team owner, league official, and former U.S. Congressman John Bryant confidently had this to say about the team’s finances in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

“The financial state of the club is excellent,” Bryant said. “We have a very strong balance sheet, but we had to spend a very serious portion of our available operating capital just to keep the stadium. It put us behind the eight-ball cash-wise, but balance-sheet wise we’re in great shape.”

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3 responses to “Finances Dog Cats, As 2013 Schedule is Released

  1. David

    Can’t be in great shape if employees and vendors aren’t getting paid and are talking to the press. He’s a politican and lawyer, spin is the name of the game. And no, Karl, no one can name that city. They do this kind of (bad) business everywhere they go. AA was here but bryant owns ulb so that’s where they are now.

  2. Karl

    Is there a city past or present you can name that Bryant and Pierce’s name hold creditability?

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