AWBL Makes Pitch in Bisbee, Cummings Out at Embark Holdings

American West Baseball League LogoSean Smock, commissioner of the developing indy pro American West Baseball League and former general manager of the former Triple-A Tucson Sidewinders (Pacific Coast League) and indy pro Tucson Toros (Golden Baseball League), pitched the idea last Thursday to make historic Warren Ballpark the home of the new Bisbee (AZ) Copper Kings.  Bisbee would join the Fullerton (CA) Flyers, the Las Cruces (NM) Sun Rays and the Nogales (AZ) Desert Ghosts as the fourth team in the new circuit.  Read more here.

Meanwhile, there are changes at Embark Holdings, Inc., the parent company of the AWBL.  Founder Michael Cummings has voluntarily or involuntarily departed Embark.  We are not sure if he is still involved with the AWBL or not.  Read Embark press releases here and here.  We are not sure if it means anything, but it’s interesting that Cummings’ name does not appear anywhere on the AWBL’s website, but maybe it never did.  It is also interesting that Embark’s website does not list the AWBL as a subsidiary on its drop-down subsidiary menu.


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2 responses to “AWBL Makes Pitch in Bisbee, Cummings Out at Embark Holdings

  1. Matt

    Las Cruces is a very bad idea. The Bisbee Ironmen have a lease on Warren Ballpark and have a schedule to play games…This AWBL has serious questions? Are they selling shares or trying to dump the teams to unknown blind investors??

  2. AZdev

    When is this season to begin? May is almost here. I’d like to see this succeed, but am doubtful. Losing Yuma derailed this league. After that I have been skeptical of this getting off the ground.Fullerton, I believe still has no place to play.Bisbee would be cool,but has too many outside commitments.(Actually they could see if the Douglas Ballpark would be available and split the schedule between the two parks).
    So the only parks they have lined up are Las Cruces and Nogales. I think they may put this off for a year

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