ULB Returns to Alexandria

United League LogoThe indy pro United League Baseball (ULB) has reached an agreement with the city of Alexandria (LA) to place a team at Bringhurst Field starting this season.  The team will play in a partially condemned facility, just as the summer collegiate Alexandria Aces (Texas Collegiate League) did late last year.

According to the Alexandria newspaper:

The seating configuration at Bringhurst will be mostly the same as it was in the final Aces games. The metal seats in the lower part of the stadium and the bleachers on the far side of the right- and left-field lines will be available. So will the lower rows of the large section of bleachers behind home plate.

Because the price tag for fixing and updating Bringhurst is double the $3 million the city had hoped for, the city will try to get through one more season before spending any money on the stadium and basically test (via the new team, we gather) the community’s stomach for saving the facility.  Read more hereView Alexandria’s recent baseball history here.


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4 responses to “ULB Returns to Alexandria

  1. Ronald

    Where’s the schedule?

  2. Been Around

    It’s a great selling point – “Only Partially Condemned!”

  3. Karl

    Will they be able to be called the Aces?? Hope somehow the stadium can be saved, as I would hate for it to have the same fate as Ray Winder FIeld in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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