T-Bones and Wingnuts Will Play Exhibition in Joplin, Expansion Talks Continue

American Association LogoThe indy pro American Association’s Kansas City T-Bones and Wichita Wingnuts will play an exhibition game in Joplin (MO) on May 12 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Joe Becker Stadium.  The game also could help determine interest for bringing a team to the market.  The league’s director of expansion visited Joplin back in January, but from our 10,000 foot view, the market is a tough sell.  Joe Becker would need renovation, and Joplin only has about 50,000 residents.  Read more here.


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3 responses to “T-Bones and Wingnuts Will Play Exhibition in Joplin, Expansion Talks Continue

  1. ryanat

    Market is definitely small, but it’s not 50,000 small. Joplin metro population (with nearby towns like Webb City, Carthage and Neosho) is about 175,000. And that’s not counting the 25,000 to 30.000 in nearby Pittsburg and Frontenac, Kansas.
    I still don’t know if a low-level team in the AA would generate interest with Double-A teams in nearby Springfield, Northwest Arkansas and Tulsa.

  2. if ya couldnt make st joe work how do ya make joplin work ?

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