Kenosha Baseball Announces Finalists for Name the Team Contest

Kenosha Baseball LogoPRESS RELEASE – Thursday afternoon at the Rotary Club of Kenosha West, the Northwoods League’s Kenosha Baseball announced the Name Your Team Contest finalists. For the past two months area residents have been encouraged to submit their idea for the name of Kenosha’s newest team at More than 750 ideas for names of the team were submitted. Here are the finalists accompanied by a brief explanation of the names tie to the area:

Kenosha Comets – The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League team that played in Kenosha from 1943 thru 1951 was named the Comets. The team played at Simmons Field, where the new Kenosha Northwoods League team will call home, from 1948 thru 1951.

Kenosha Esox -Esox is the name of the category of fish that includes the Pike. Esox also ties into one of the previous names for the City of Kenosha, Pike.

Kenosha KingFish – KingFish offers a unique combination of a tie to Lake Michigan, royalty and even a little nod to the King, Elvis Presley.

Kenosha Coopers – Traditionally, a cooper is someone who makes wooden staved vessels, bound together with hoops, for instance a beer barrel or cask. The name also connects to the Cooper’s Hawk that is native to the area. Lastly Samuel T. Cooper founded the iconic Kenosha company that became Jockey International.

Kenosha Sockets – Sockets connects to the automotive history in Kenosha as well as Snap-on Tool Company, which is another iconic company based in Kenosha.

Kenosha Lake Bears – Lake Bears is a memorable name that ties nicely to Lake Michigan and summertime in Wisconsin.

The next phase of the contest will be a two week long fan vote on The private results of the poll will be used to help Kenosha Baseball management determine the name of the team. In August, the team is tentatively planning on hosting an event at Simmons Field to unveil the name and logo for the team as well as the first phase of improvements to Simmons Field.


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3 responses to “Kenosha Baseball Announces Finalists for Name the Team Contest

  1. Ken Tater

    Gotta admit…..I kind of like Esox.

  2. peter

    It has to be the Comets. Coopers isn’t bad either that has mascot potential. If Lake Bears wins, I’m not going.

  3. Mark

    They’re all an improvement over Kroakers.

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