Skylands Park Sold

Sussex Skyhawks LogoIn positive new for the possible return of baseball to Sussex County (NJ), the sale of Skylands Park to Ardmore (PA)-based real estate investment firm 17 Mile LLC indeed closed on Friday, March 15.  The facility sold for $950,000, plus $160,000 in overdue taxes and related fees.  Skylands is the former home of the Single-A New Jersey Cardinals (New York-Penn League) and indy pro Sussex Skyhawks (Can-Am League).  Read more here.  Thanks to Johnny Regan for the heads up.


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2 responses to “Skylands Park Sold

  1. Wow, I had read on another ballpark news website that the sale was off permanently. Oops, I guess that website operator’s “sources” were not so good this time.

    Thanks, Alan, for keeping this site free of wild speculation and the use of unnamed sources.

    • ballparkbiz

      Thanks, Brian. As you know, it’s not the first time! If we’re speculating, we’ll say so. We won’t use a source unless we are confident in that source.


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