City Shuts Off Water, Power to ‘Pink Elephant’

The city of Homestead has turned off the electricity and water service to Homestead Sports Complex, saying La Ley Sports has not paid a utility bill since Sept. 7.  The city says the company owes $143,000 in utility payments, including electricity, water and trash.  La Ley Sports took control of the facility two summers ago and filed a class action lawsuit against the city last May, claiming that Homestead overbills its utility customers.

Homestead Sports Complex was built in 1991 as the new spring training home for the Cleveland Indians. Hurricane Andrew then decimated it before the Indians moved in.  The ballpark was rebuilt in 1993, but the Indians had already gone elsewhere, and no other MLB team came calling.  After 20 years without a real tenant, the city inked a deal with La Lay to operate the stadium beginning in 2011.  Read more here.

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