Big Ten to Pitch Fall-Spring Schedule

After the idea bubbled to the surface last season, the Big Ten coaches have voted to continue exploring the possibility of giving college baseball teams the option of playing non-conference games in the fall that would count toward determining the NCAA tournament field the following spring.  The conference plans to pitch the model to coaches around the country to garner support before submitting the idea to the NCAA’s legislative process.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Big Ten to Pitch Fall-Spring Schedule

  1. MikeG

    This is by far one of the most interesting developments in baseball. This could lead to a complete overhaul of the current state of summer collegiate baseball.

    • ballparkbiz

      Very interesting, but it makes me a little nervous as a summer collegiate team owner. That said, I get it. It’s March 6 here in Minnesota, and nobody is out there playing baseball on the frozen tundra.


      • MikeG

        If I owned a summer college club it would make me nervous too. This could really change the landscape of collegiate baseball from the scheduling prospective. It will be interesting to see if any other conferences begin to look at this model.

      • ballparkbiz

        We’ll certainly keep a close eye on this, but I really can’t see this getting broad appeal or approval. That said, as long as they stay away from summer play, and there are warm climate schools from California to the Carolinas playing a traditional season, the summer collegiate industry should be fine.


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