Sale of Skylands Park Called Off

Sussex Skyhawks LogoAfter coming to terms earlier this month on the pending transfer of ownership of Skylands Park, the parties to the deal said last Thursday that the sale of the 4,200-seat ballpark, which was scheduled to be  finalized on March 1, is apparently a no go.  Read more here and here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the story.


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5 responses to “Sale of Skylands Park Called Off

  1. Johnny regan

    There is an article at today regarding the new closing date of the property of skylands park to march 15. Johnny regan

  2. minor league baseball man

    Sale closing was adjourned – will close in next couple of weeks.

  3. When is the world going to understand that the only baseball that makes millions of dollars is the Major Leagues. You can’t get a minor league team – any of them – to walk in and spend millions of dollars for renovations.

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