Playing Politics in Kenosha?

Madison Mallards New LogoKenosha (WI) Common Council Aldermen Kevin Mathewson (a newbie) and David Bogdala, who voted against the Simmons Field renovation project and lease agreement that will bring a new summer collegiate Northwoods League team to town, are stirring the pot by bringing into question a $798 motor-coach trip taken last summer by local elected officials and others to Madison (WI) to check out the Madison Mallards’ operation.  The Mallards, which will own and operate the new Kenosha franchise, paid for the extravagant, vote-buying (huge sarcasm!) bus ride.  No laws were broken, and the team was reimbursed $325 for game tickets, food and beverages.

Calling for the district attorney to look into this is a foolish waste of time and nothing more than embarrassing local politics or a silly conspiracy theory of a smoke-filled, backroom deal.  The reality is, elected officials did their due diligence by visiting Warner Park and came away impressed with the superior level of sports entertainment the Mallards have successfully brought to Madison over the past decade.  By an overwhelming vote of 13-3, the council decided to bring the same amenity to Kenosha with the same proven ownership.  Get over it, aldermen.  It’s time to play ball!  Read more here.


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2 responses to “Playing Politics in Kenosha?

  1. MikeG

    Interesting article but typical for politics. In this case baseball is serving as the “political football”. Could have gone without the attempt at humor and the clearly one sided commentary from in the overview. Of course a baseball dedicated site is going to support baseball.

    • ballparkbiz


      My expertise comes from politics. That’s what I have been doing in my day job for more than 25 years. If an elected official opposes spending taxpayers funds for a new or renovated ballpark, that’s a fair and honest position to take. However, if you are calling on a district attorney to investigate a matter simply because the situation (a $798 bus ride) doesn’t smell right to you — with no evidence of a crime or ethical violations — then it is exactly as described herein.


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