Council Approves Funding for Hoover Met Improvements

Birmingham Barons Logo WordmarkThe Hoover (AL) City Council on Monday voted to approve spending up to $600,000 on repairs, maintenance and new signs for Hoover Metropolitan Stadium , the former home of the Double-A Birmingham Barons (Southern League).  Read more here.


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3 responses to “Council Approves Funding for Hoover Met Improvements

  1. Insider

    Any chance the American Association, Atlantic League, or even the United League takes a chance at Hoover?

    Or is it just to far out of the way?

    • ballparkbiz

      Doubt it. Not only is it beyond the footprints of these leagues, it is a mere 10 miles from Birmingham where the Barons will be playing in a fancy new ballpark. Far too much risk to invest the kind of money needed to do it right. Hoover needs to stick with college ball (SEC, etc.), tournaments and other events.


      • Insider

        I agree with you Alan. A fancy new ballpark in Birmingham, and Hoover being to far away from any prospective indy league are just two things that would hinder an independent team on having success.

        But you never know, minor league baseball is a wacky business at times.

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