NBC World Series’ Finances Under Review

National Baseball Congress LogoThe city of Wichita (KS) is auditing the books of the struggling National Baseball Congress, amid concerns that the decades-old NBC World Series baseball tournament held every August at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, home of the indy pro Wichita Wingnuts (American Association), has been habitually delinquent paying its participant teams and vendors.  The city hopes to find a way to stabilize and strengthen the event.  Read more here.


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2 responses to “NBC World Series’ Finances Under Review

  1. Derek

    NBC World Series was a great tournament until about 2007…

    not their fault, so many teams and such a tough economy makes it impossible to attract new leagues and new teams…

    The teams that are left are dinosaurs that have it in their blood… last year 13 of the teams were Kansas with 0 east coast teams…. no one has the funds to travel up there… the elite ballplayers don’t play there anymore…No Alaska team speaks volumes…

    it was a great tournament where many people ended their careers in hopes of getting signed.

  2. Spectator777

    Its a shame really – caught between decades of history and a changing market. the tournament needs participation from top leagues but its not going to get it because no team wants to give up any home dates to go to the tournament. they could stay at home and make money versus spending tens of thousands to make the trip to KS. i was at the tournament last year and it really was a great experience – the folks at NBC really do a great job. the city and the NBC just might have to chalk it up to an ever changing market environment where teams have more incentive to play in their own facility.

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