Talking New Ballpark in Virginia Beach

Atlantic League LogoA group called Virginia Beach Professional Baseball is proposing to build a new 5,000-seat baseball stadium in Virginia Beach (VA) for an indy pro Atlantic League franchise.  Read more and view news clip here.


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5 responses to “Talking New Ballpark in Virginia Beach

  1. Mickey

    Regardless, I don’t see the Hampton Roads community supporting any other team besides the Norfolk Tides. This isn’t the first time someone has explored baseball in Virginia Beach and it was denied due to loyalties to Norfolk, so $6m or $60m I don’t see it happening…

  2. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    $60m is not needed. Proven many times over.
    $6m can get you a ballpark but not an AtL ballpark. Wonder if it was just that $6m is coming from them personally and they’re looking for the rest.

  3. Apparently, they haven’t seen any Atlantic League games, yet. All the ballparks in the League pass MLB AA standards, and you don’t do that with $6 million.

  4. Mickey

    See Wuerfel Park in Traverse City, MI. Ballpark was built for about $6m and might be the most unique ballpark in Indy ball. However, it was built about 7 years ago so that $6m tag has definitely increased if it were to be duplicated today. I don’t see how a team in Virginia Beach would work the area is pretty loyal to the Tides.

  5. DanRodriguez804

    What ballpark can be built for $6 million. About ten times that is needed

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