Legal Maneuver Could Delay Bonds to Build El Paso Ballpark

Tucson Padres LogoDuring a hearing Monday to determine whether the city of El Paso can issue bonds to finance construction of the new $50-million ballpark for the relocating Triple-A Tucson Padres (Pacific Coast League), opponents  filed a petition to move the case from state court to federal court.  This legal maneuver could delay the issuance of bonds for the project, but it appears the city feels confident enough about winning the legal challenge to temporarily use general funds if necessary to keep construction on track.   Read more hereView newest ballpark renderings in this news clip here.

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One response to “Legal Maneuver Could Delay Bonds to Build El Paso Ballpark

  1. Bflobaz

    Hard to see the conomics of floating a major bond issue for a AAA ball club; as good a level of baseball as offered in the PCL. At some point, the freshness of the idea wears-out (see Buffalo, NY) and should the affiliate fail to be a winner due to the competence or incompetence of the parent club’s commitment to their farm system — attendance falls and bonds and debt need to be paid-up while the issuer or guarantor may not have the revenue stream anticipated.

    And the game isn’t always the most important thing to keep fans interest going on inside the stadium. How many follow minor league ball in their home town as religiously as those without a team anywhere nearby, do for major league ball? Who are they playing against? Does it matter? Do you know the name of any of the visitor’s roster or many on your own home town team’s? It is the game itself; the team a winner or constantly losing at the minor league level which often contributes to its financial well-being.

    The game and the contests and mascot and promotions which help boost attendance and keep the franchise viable when the parent club fails at its job — as most have shown they’re best able to lose at the minor league level and not give much of a hoot about how it impacts their affiliates. Thus, the constant movement of teams to and from cities; leaving loyal fans left to cry during summers without their favorite sport and team to follow..

    El Paso does have a large population base, particularly considering Juarez across the border; so perhaps a AAA stadium is the planned foundation of seeking a major league team — which I suppose, the combined metro region’s population could support.

    I wish them well and at the same time, sorry to see the Indy Diablos being pushed aside. They play in a decent enough stadium, too, and at a good level of play.

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