HoHoKams Need a Contract

Chicago Cubs LogoMesa HoHoKamsThe Arizona Republic argues that the Mesa HoHoKams, a civic group founded in 1951 to sponsor the Chicago Cubs in spring training, deserve a contracted role at the Cubs’ new $84-million stadium that will open at Riverview Park next year.  For years, members have served as ushers and sold programs and concessions, in return for revenue from the teams, which are passed on to youth-oriented charities and sports activities.  Cubs owner Tom Ricketts has reportedly made a verbal commitment to the group, but the newspaper is calling for a timely formal contract.  Read more here.

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One response to “HoHoKams Need a Contract

  1. Scott

    Funny how the HoHokams want to leave HoHokam Stadium and ride the coat tails of the Cubs. Why not stay when the A’s move into HoHokam Stadium? Oh, that’s right, it’s about revenue.

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