Political Giving Riles Ballpark Opponent in El Paso

Tucson Padres LogoFrom our perspective, this is pretty ho-hum, but some like to make hay out of political giving in candidate and referendum campaigns.  It is no different in El Paso, where at least one ballpark opponent is raising concerns about contributions by MountainStar Sports Group and others to El Paso Tomorrow, a political action committee (PAC) established to support the referendum for the new ballpark for the relocating Triple-A Tucson Padres (Pacific Coast League) and two other propositions.

Look, unless you have some level of evidence that there were illegal backdoor dealings in the process (like public officials putting the screws to a bidder to pony up dollars for the referendum in order to secure a contract, or contributors paying off decision makers or voters), don’t call for an investigation.  Read more here.

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