Freedom Pro Baseball League Announces Interleague Play, Prepares for Expansion

Freedom Pro Baseball League LogoPRESS RELEASE – The Freedom Pro Baseball League today announced their plans for expansion throughout Arizona and California. The league has also agreed to play interleague games with Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs (PAPBC) for the 2013 season. The PAPBC has teams in San Rafael, California, Maui and Hilo Hawaii.

The Freedom Pro Baseball League continues to target expansion markets in Arizona that will provide financial opportunities for teams to be successful. The league has retained The Sports Advisory Group to assist in securing owners for the expansion franchises as well as pursuing investors for the existing teams.

League General Manager, Michael King states, “We learned in our first season that this is a business model that can be successful.” He adds, “The Pacific Association has some very strong ballplayers and we’re looking forward to showcasing our talents on a larger stage.”

Bill Yates of the Sports Advisory Group says that new ownership transactions are currently being negotiated, “We’re finalizing individual team operating agreements with new owners right now and we’re replying to the large number of ownership inquiries that we’ve received.”

The Freedom Pro Baseball League currently has teams playing in the City of Phoenix, Prescott, Scottsdale and Peoria, Arizona with plans to expand into Surprise, Arizona and Salt River Field in Scottsdale. The league focuses on providing high quality, affordable, family-friendly baseball entertainment.


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10 responses to “Freedom Pro Baseball League Announces Interleague Play, Prepares for Expansion

  1. AZdev

    Last year I went to two games, one of which had 62 fans in Peoria and another 50 in Scottsdale, not counting employees and team personnel. The level of play on the field was very good, but I think they are understaffed and there is not much advertising at all. I plan to go to a few this year, but there is always scheduling changes, which makes it difficult as I do not live in Phoenix area, and like to plan ahead. I know this sounds funny , but some kind of merger with the Pacific Association would be helpful. I have heard that the PA would like to keep a relationship with the FL in the future.

  2. Spectator777

    so whats going on with this league? no stats, attendance figures etc.. is there actually ball being played in AZ?

    • IndyBall78

      Spectator, Yes there are games. Currently there is a stopage in play till july 6th for whatever reason. They are pretty much banned from Phoenix Muni, for none payment from what I heard. They have not paid there dues to be able to update there stats. The commish of this league is killing careers. Another black eye on the Indy ball in the west.

  3. colonel

    been some changes I guess — Scottsdale is out — replaced by Glendale – hum — love the maui baseball team — but freedom league has issues – went to game with only 7 fans at last year – no stats provided during the season – games cancelled due to rent due — promised expansion in 2013 – not going to happen – hope league makes it

  4. Could the Freedom League be like the Gulf Coast League, where player development is the main concern and attendance doesn’t matter?

  5. Been Around

    I know nothing about any of these operations but I see the Freedom League folks at least giving it an honest try. As opposed to the Golden/NAL/Whoever it is this week leagues that have the same core of people doing the same things in what appears to be a money grab, getting what they can while they can. The Freedom League has had fits and starts, just like any business anywhere, but they at least seem to be trying to provide what they say they are going to provide instead of putting out vague and misleading information. I don’t know if indy ball will work there – I see college wood-bat, running on a family entertainment, minor league pattern, being more doable based on western travel costs – but that’s not for me to judge.

    I say let good luck to them and admire them for trying something that has no guarantees at all of success. Every league, every operation starts somewhere. These guys have, in my mind, far more integrity than the other indy leagues in that part of the country.

  6. I want the league to work I have seen several try-outs, the young players are working hard on there craft. Good luck with the expansion, Can’t wait for opening day.

  7. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    So they want to move up? Well that’s usually a positive but how do you go from playing in front of like 50 people to Salt River Field…and some bills went unpaid and teams were locked out but they can go to these huge ballparks and Hawaii too?

    • League Media

      We are very sorry to see your response and as stated in the article, the Freedom League has been diligently working to provide an opportunity for young baseball players to move to the next level. I am excited to see how the program evolves in the 2013 Season.

      • Indyguy78

        League media are bills being paid in this league ? I am hearing Phoenix Muni is out. Also there is a hiatus in play starting this last sunday. Also nice to see some from the league reply on one of these threads.

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