Mountain Collegiate League Aggressively Expands

Mountain Collegiate Baseball LeagueAfter sitting at four teams for years, the Mountain Collegiate Baseball League (MCBL) based in Colorado has decided to energize expansion.  The league lost the Laramie (WY) Colts in the offseason (a long story there) but have added three new Colorado franchises  — the Colorado Springs Blue Sox, (Golden) Colorado Bobcats, and Northern Colorado (Johnstown) Toros — to the league’s 2013 lineup that includes current stalwarts Fort Collins (CO) Foxes and  Cheyenne (WY) Grizzlies, and second-year Casper (WY) Cutthroats.  The Cutthroats joined the MCBL last season after the Rookie-level Casper Ghosts (Pioneer League) relocated to Grand Junction (CO).

Mountain Collegiate Baseball LeagueSterling and Eagle (CO) have reportedly been awarded franchises for the 2013 season as well,  if the installation of lights and field improvements, respectively, are approved and completed in time.  If not, the teams will be on deck for 2014.

This is very positive news for the league.  While we don’t expect many of these teams to function as true minor league-like businesses, the circuit absolutely needed to expand to survive.  The MCBL has remained stagnant (along with its atrocious website), and it was imperative that league leaders take action before some baseball entrepreneur stepped up to the plate to invade the Front Range with a new league.

Believe or not, there are plenty of untapped, potentially lucrative markets in the MCBL footprint.  The league’s branding (logo) is pretty solid too, and the weather in this beautiful Rocky Mountain region is perfect with 300 days of annual sunshine.  The circuit just needs to pump some serious iron (i.e., evolve and grow) and flex its muscles in the marketplace to ensure its long-term viability.  Read more here.


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6 responses to “Mountain Collegiate League Aggressively Expands

  1. Mark

    That atrocious website no longer exists.

  2. Please allow me to make some changes to the story. There is actually an error in the reported expansion teams. The following cities were awarded teams for the 2013 season:
    Colorado Springs Blue Sox name was changed from the original Prospects.
    Eagle, CO not Eaton, CO. (30 Miles outside of Vail, CO) Contingent on Field Improvements.
    Sterling, CO (Contingent on Lighting Installation)
    Thank You
    Karl A. Holden
    MCBL Commissioner

  3. themosey

    I was always surprised they never had a competitor. Lots of middle-sized towns with highly rabid fanbase. Plus, anyone with a wood bat would love to pad their stats in that thin air… convincing pitchers though…

  4. Ed Roberts

    The MCBL website is indeed atrocious however the individual team websites that I visited (Fort Collins, Casper) are well done.

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