DC Sports Claims Revival of Defunct Northern League

Northern League LogoDC Sports & EntertainmentPRESS RELEASE – DC Sports & Entertainment, LLC (DCSE) announces today that it has reached an agreement with the Northern League of Professional Baseball Teams to assume and manage the long-term growth strategy of The Northern League, the premier independent minor professional baseball league with a rich history dating back to 1902.

The Northern League will now be headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and will commence League play on the diamond in the summer of 2014 under the leadership of DC Sports & Entertainment. League officials and stadium markets throughout North America will be announced in the coming weeks.

DC Sports & Entertainment CEO Ed Desrosiers stated, “Our acquisition of the Northern League operations is an exciting one to say the least considering its grand history and prior successes. When presented this opportunity we had little hesitation having dealt with owners in various sports leagues across the nation and with the league staff we will be announcing in the coming weeks, we have little digression moving forward and feel wholeheartedly that we will collectively deliver the Northern League back to its rightful place among the most prominent of professional sports leagues.” DCSE is a sports and entertainment management and consulting firm with a strong focus on advisory services.


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8 responses to “DC Sports Claims Revival of Defunct Northern League

  1. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Just total blasphemy. And I see they have their website in order.

    How do you release a press release and that’s the website…

  2. dont be too suprised if these are current clubs in the fl that imo arent selling the public on class a ball

  3. MikeG

    Really? Really?? Bringing back to the NL would be great considering how suspect the talent is in leagues like the diluted frontier league but what are the odds of this really happening? Is it safe to say that talent wise the Atlantic League is legit, the AA seems legit, but the other leagues seem marginal at best….. good luck.

    • The Frontier League is not bad, especially considering the niche they hold… they are the only openly developmental independent league out there. I’m just concerned that DCSE might be taking the Golden League model east.

      • Trav

        Isn’t DCSE the same people who tried to put an indy team back in Long Beach with the AWBL? I believe the team was called the Long Beach Splash.

        Also who the heck did they reach an agreement with to manage the Northern League?

      • ballparkbiz


        Q1: Yes
        Q2: Who actually owns Northern League, Inc. (and the federal trademarks)? Good question. I am not sure how things might have changed legally with the whole North American League train wreck. There are no franchises, so the league’s historical significance and branding/logo appear to be the only assets of any real value. The obvious strategy here to exploit the league’s history (i.e., players since 1902 and recent leadership, including Miles Wolff, Mike Veeck, Bill Murray, and, holy crapola, Kevin Costner) to create some level of instant credibility to the venture, rather than launching a new league.

        We didn’t feel comfortable posting the Northern League Mission Statement and Northern League History included at the bottom of the press release, but you can read it here:



      • Trav

        Alan: I highly doubt Miles Wolff would agree to have his name in a press release, especially when he is the commissioner of two other indy leagues. Same goes for Sam Katz, Mike Veeck, and Marv Goldklang they own indy teams in the American Association.

      • ballparkbiz


        Yes, I highly doubt any of those mentioned gave their blessing. That said, DC Sports is pretty much stating historical fact. That said, it is misleading to say the Northern League “is the nation’s oldest independent baseball league” as if it IS still operating as a functioning league, while leaving out the facts surrounding the league’s most recent collapse and failed North American League Hail Mary.


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