New AWBL Cancels Winter League

American West Baseball League LogoThe developing indy pro American West Baseaball League has reportedly cancelled its inaugural winter program in Yuma (AZ) because of a lack of interest and competition from other winter leagues.  These pay-to-play circuits are typically billed as “development” programs for players.  Read more here.


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6 responses to “New AWBL Cancels Winter League

  1. Rick

    the awbl is a joke and the people who “try” to operate it are idiots

    • MikeG

      Rick thank you for the thought provoking and detailed review of these people. Another example of people throwing around blanket statements about people they do not even know under a “stage name”.

  2. Scout55

    How can you have a Winter League before your first season? Lack of baseball knowledge and knowing the market!

  3. Sure shot

    Freedom league is a joke ran by people who don’t know what they are doing. It’s just a Arizona adult league and guys are now getting paid to play. No fans at any of their games. No housing or per deim paid to players. You have to find your own housing and you only play 3 days a week. As for Awbl winter league we all knew that wasn’t going to happen since the league wasn’t ready to launch that this year. Stay tuned!

    • Fan of Baseball

      Is the AWBL ready to launch anything this year? The AWBL seems to be taking steps backwards in recent months instead of moving forward. What happened to Mesa and Long Beach? No team websites, no managers, no team office staff, same old pattern of the GBL. Yet the league claims to be ran better than their old predecessor. What is the AWBL waiting for?

    • Indyfan78

      Sure Shot, you are totally right. I have been to these game first hand. Utter joke and black eye to indy ball.

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