Kenosha Baseball Holds ‘First Pitch’ Event, Announces ‘Help Name Your Team Contest’

Kenosha Baseball LogoPRESS RELEASE – Kenosha Baseball, the group bringing a Northwoods League baseball franchise to Kenosha’s historic Simmons Field starting in June 2014, held its “First Pitch” event Thursday evening featuring a live brass band, entertainment from the nationally known Zooperstars and the unveiling of $1 million in stadium renovations. Guests were treated to free Bacon Glazer Doughnut Cheese Burgers, brats and peanuts.

Kenosha Simmons Field 1A community “Help Name Your Team” Contest was announced in partnership with the Kenosha News. Kenosha Baseball is looking to the community to help decide the name of the area’s newest team. Everyone is encouraged to get involved by submitting their idea for the name of the team to

Kenosha Simmons Field 2From today until midnight on March 18, 2013 fans can submit their idea for what the name of the new Northwoods League team at Simmons Field should be. Here are the rules:

There is no limit to how many times a single person can submit a new name. In fact, the person who submits the most unique and creative ideas will win a prize!

Each name submittal must be accompanied by the person’s name, phone number, email and mailing address.

Bribery via free bratwurst for team officials may be considered.

Space will be provided to provide an explanation regarding why the name you would like to submit should be the winner.

A special focus will be given to names that uniquely tie into the history of Kenosha. Just a reminder, somebody already came up with the idea to name a team after the great brewing history in our state. is the only place names can be submitted. Names submitted via any other method will not be eligible for any prizes. Unless the names come hand delivered with a bunch of really great homemade brownies to team offices at Simmons Field.

At the completion of the first phase of the contest the top names will be announced and a vote will take place on for fans to vote for their favorite name.

This summer Kenosha Baseball will host an event at Simmons Field to unveil the winning name and the team’s logo.

In the event that more than one person submits the winning name, one grand prize winner will be selected via random drawing to win the grand prize. Everyone that submits the winning name will win a TBD prize.

Grand prize will be four 7-Game Ticket Packages for 2014 that include great seats, ballpark food, soda, guaranteed giveaway items and our “Never-a-wasted-ticket” policy, along with an official team uniform, a plaque at the stadium, and official bragging rights that you named your hometown team for the rest of time.

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Read more here from and here from the Kenosha News.


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3 responses to “Kenosha Baseball Holds ‘First Pitch’ Event, Announces ‘Help Name Your Team Contest’

  1. themosey

    300k a year lease seems rough. Over 35 dates they need to draw around 1500 fans a game just to break even on the lease, not even the entire team. Obviously in that league everyone wants to be the next Mallards but only a handful of teams average that kind of attendance. The Chinooks fell short of that number themselves their first year.

    • ballparkbiz


      First, they are not trying to be the next Mallards — they are the Mallards. Second, the lease is not $300k a year — it’s $300k over 10 years. Here is more:

      “The owners signed a 10-year lease that binds them to make $500,000 worth of improvements to the city-owned park, at least $250,000 of which will come before the first pitch is thrown in June 2014. The city, meanwhile, is committed to spending $750,000 on the facility.”


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