Carlsbad Replaces Las Cruces?

Las Cruces Vaqueros LogoThere is apparently concern by the indy pro Pecos League about keeping the Las Cruces (NM) Vaqueros operating with a Triple-A club coming to El Paso (TX) just 40 miles away.  The team’s logo no longer appears in the header on the league’s websiteAccording to The Taos News, league commissioner Andrew Dunn had this to say:

“If Las Cruces no longer makes sense, and the other market in West Texas isn’t ready, we will bring back the Carlsbad Bats for the 2013 season.”


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2 responses to “Carlsbad Replaces Las Cruces?

  1. AZdev

    Plus the AAA team is still at least a year off from now.

  2. ballparkbiz

    You have to think there is more to the story than competition from El Paso. First, Las Cruces has nearly 100,000 people, which is sufficient to support a well-run team of its own. Second, El Paso is 46 miles away. Yes, some folks will make the trek to Texas to watch a few games a season, but very few Las Cruces residents will be season-ticket holders. It’s just too far away, unless you are the hardest core baseball fan.


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