Parties Sign Letter of Intent for Malden Ballpark

Malden MA SealA host of state and local elected official were in Malden (MA) Monday to sign off on a deal that would allow Boston Baseball Field of Dreams led by attorney Alex Bok to take the next steps in building a new $50 million, 6,400-seat ballpark for an expansion indy pro Atlantic League franchise.  Read more here and here.

Malden Park 2


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9 responses to “Parties Sign Letter of Intent for Malden Ballpark

  1. themosey

    $50 million for a Indy team to play seems insane. Hell 6,400 seat high end stadium seems insane. That has to be 10 times the cost of the team. It isn’t like there is no other baseball near Boston.

    • Jon

      Atlantic League Ballparks have been built between $15m and $40m other Indy league ballparks range from $6m-$50m so it’s right on par with the times. You must remember the Atlantic League builds ballparks at double A standards or better

    • ballparkbiz

      @themosey, very MiLB-snobbish of you! First, an Atlantic League franchise is at least $1 million. Second, 6,400 seats is by no means out of line for a minor-league stadium. Third, this isn’t just about baseball (as some of you baseball-only types can’t seem to understand) — it’s about providing a “local” sports and entertainment-driven community amenity, just like you would find at any comparable affiliated market. I am sorry, but is a community that wants such an amenity supposed to sit around and wait for MiLB to expand? Of course not. That’s why you have successful leagues like the Atlantic League. They are satisfying a demand in the marketplace.


      • Free Market

        I agree with ballpark biz. This represents the American free market system. Supply and demand. Minor League Baseball is at a point where very few clubs are going to be moving in the foreseeable future due to the ballpark boom of the past two decades. Indy ball is the only option for some of the communities that want this amenity for their community.

      • Jon

        Alan, I believe the Atlantic League membership is at $3m now and rightfully sow. The Long Island Ducks sold half of their team a few years back for more than most Triple A teams. The only puzzling thing to me is he keeps calling it an Atlantic league team yet the Atlantic league denies any affiliation with Bok or the Boston Field of Dreams group

      • ballparkbiz

        @Jon, thanks for the info. Last I “heard” it was $2M, but that was quite some time ago. $3M would not be surprising. Don’t know about Bok and the ATL, but maybe they are just playing dismissive until a deal is actually done. I can’t imagine the ATL would deny them, if in fact a stadium is built and Bok’s group has the dollars for the franchise fee and start up, unless there are personality differences or something. We’ll see, if this Malden project actually happens.


      • Jon

        Not to sure, but with Sugar Land, Loudoun and even briefly with Yonkers and Montgomery County they were know to have active league participation trough the development stages.

  2. in the know

    Window dressing. Wake me up when you actually have the money to do this. I’m sure folks are lining up to invest in a 50 million dollar privately financed baseball stadium for an independent team. And thats just for construction costs.

    • Jon

      Agreed, this guy Bok has been saying he’s had an Atlantic league team all along and the Atlantic league has denied it in the past and yes yet to comment regarding this team and their involvement. This has been a project in the works for more than 5 years so I agree I will believe it when I see it.

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