New Seating Sections to Be Added to Albert Park

SR_Pacifics_LogoComp01YPRESS RELEASE – Building on the excitment of their magical 2012 Inaugural Season that ended with a division championship, the San Rafael Pacifics announced on Monday the creation of new, unique seating options for the 2013 season.

In line with the Pacifics vision to bring their fans as close to the game action as possible, President and General Manager Mike Shapiro unveiled a plan to bring fans right into the dugouts to create a thrilling, unrivaled experience. Fans will be able to buy seats for only $25.00 in the newly named “Dugout Club” located in the actual team dugouts and sit side by side with the players for the closest view of the game available.

Locations of the new seating sections at Albert Park have been released. The Living Room (top) will sit next to the newly renamed, Field Box (top left) seats. Fans will also have the Dugout Club (bottom) to choose from, located inside the player's dugout. File photo/

Locations of the new seating sections at Albert Park have been released. The Living Room (top) will sit next to the newly renamed, Field Box (top left) seats. Fans will also have the Dugout Club (bottom) to choose from, located inside the player’s dugout. File photo/

“We are excited to offer this unique opportunity to our fans. Can you imagine being able to watch the game right from the dugout along with the players? This is sure to create memories,” said Shapiro.

The former first and third base Budweiser Dugout Clubs that sit next to the dugout and run along the base paths have been renamed and will be available for purchase as the “Field Boxes.”

In addition, the Pacifics have created another fun seating section so fans can sit back and enjoy the game as if they were in the comfort of their own homes — the “Living Room”, a not-so luxury suite, where fans can lounge on couches and comfy recliner chairs in an exclusive box on the field down the third base line. The Living Room can be used for small groups and parties and is available for the season or on a day of game basis for $150.00 per game.

The Pacifics further announced that there would be no price increases for the popular $10.00 General Admission seats in the Albert Park grandstand or the field level clubs which will remain at the same 2012 price of $20.00 a seat. The popular Grandstand Reserve seats located in the front row of the historic grandstand structure will be $20.00.


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8 responses to “New Seating Sections to Be Added to Albert Park

  1. I run the fan page for the Stars, (they don’t have an official page) and from what I have been told by those that are higher up in the organization, that the PBA ( Pacific Baseball Association) will be announced in a press release soon.

  2. Fan of Baseball

    Alan –

    Will the new league be called the Pacific Association?

    As for teams I heard San Rafael, Maui, Hilo, & Ohau. Sonoma County will not be brought back as a travel, as San Rafael ownership wants to focus on it’s own product and organization.

    I have also heard interleague games will be played between indy teams in Japan and the Pacific Association. Don’t be surprised if San Rafael plays games against teams from the Freedom Pro Baseball League aswell.

    I don’t like the direction this league is heading into, but they really don’t have a choice.

  3. In reading this further the headline is a bit misleading. It gives us the impression that the Pacifics are doing some sort of stadium expansion, putting money into the ballpark and that kind of stuff. All they’re really doing is adding a couple recliners and some chairs next to the dugout and calling it something else. So they’re ‘adding’ virtually nothing, just as Mr. Shapiro says ‘renaming’.

  4. It looks like the Pacifics are trying to make it for the long haul. By the way, what teams are they going to play this year?

    • Jon

      None from what I have heard the North American Baseball League is gone now that Outcalt and Kaval ran for the hills again

      • ballparkbiz

        Be patient. There will be an announcement. The “North American Baseball League” name was kept alive long enough to limp through last season. The teams in Texas have all but officially abandoned it to return to the United League brand.


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