Friday Observation

BBiz SecondaryWe noticed that the indy pro Trinidad Triggers (Pecos League) and summer collegiate Seacoast Mavericks (Futures Collegiate Baseball League)  are using the same cowboy image clipart in their primary or secondary marks.  From our perspective, using clipart to represent the face of your organization is never a good idea, if you want to be taken seriously as a  professionally run sports franchise.

Trinidad Triggers and Seacoast Mavericks Marks


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14 responses to “Friday Observation

  1. Derek

    it is the triggers second logo, the use the trigger with flag on hats and jersey designed by a local person…for Bat Masterson….
    it is seacoast’s primary logo
    great eye by ballpark biz, terrible design by both teams,

  2. Austin

    The hands should be switched

    • ballparkbiz

      Yep, just like the defunct Aiken Foxhounds logo from the failed South Coast League:


      • Logo Admirer

        The Hounds logo is a left handed batting hound, not a crossed hands clip art logo.

      • ballparkbiz

        (1) The only way that works is if the foxhound is on the backswing, and that would make the logo worse than I thought. Why would anyone create a logo with the batter in the backswing position (after swinging) and not before the swing? (2) We were talking about the positioning of the hands/paws, not clipart. The Foxhounds logo is not clipart.


      • Logo Admirer

        1. Don’t know but a logo of a batter in their back swing worked pretty well for Nike with the Griffey Jr. line. 2. the paws are positioned correctly on the clip art and the hound assuming the intent is a left handed batter.

      • ballparkbiz

        (1) If the hound is in a backswing, there should have been a ball flying away from the character to make it obvious. Otherwise, it just looks awkward and wrong. The KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle should have dictated that the hound be in a front swing position. (2) Unless the hound and the cowboy are in a left-handed backswing, you are wrong. Get a bat, look in the mirror, and see for yourself.


      • Logo Admirer

        I think all mentioned logos are in fact in a left handed back swing. Disagree with the KISS method in minor league sports, unique branding seems crucial. You should have a logo contest on your site to let folks vote on the best logo in baseball (all levels), Anyhow good site.

      • ballparkbiz

        Thanks for the kind words about the site. I totally agree with uniqueness, but I don’t think you should unnecessarily complicate it (and potentially confuse) without a specific strategic reason for doing so.

        Regarding a logo contest, are you talking about all existing logos, or just new ones? I plan on ranking and commenting on all the new or updated logos for the 2013 season. Obviously, that will be subjective, but people will have a chance to share their opinions in comments. It should make for an interesting discussion.


  3. Matty

    So its just cheap design work

    • ballparkbiz

      There is a difference between cheap individualized design work for hire and general clipart available broadly to multiple users. That said, the point is that branding for professionally operated sports teams should be more than just an afterthought.


  4. Matty

    So which one is the rightful owner? And is this something you will make aware to the rightful property owner?

    • ballparkbiz

      If in fact the clipart company (see link in story) owns the artwork or has the right to sell or license the artwork, the use would not be exclusive unless otherwise negotiated. It appears this is simple clipart that could be purchased and used by any party.


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