Pair Invest in AWBL and Acquire Flyers, League Releases Financials

American West Baseball League LogoPRESS RELEASE – Embark Holdings, Inc. subsidiary American West Baseball League today announced that Edinson and Edgar Renteria have agreed to invest an undisclosed amount into the American West Baseball League for an ownership interest and also have acquired the territorial rights to Fullerton, Ca., the home of the Fullerton Flyers.

Edinson Renteria played professional baseball for 9 years as a utility player with clubs such as the Houston Astros and Florida Marlins. Edinson holds the position of President with LIGA COLOMBIANA DE BEISBOLPROFESIONAL (LCBP), a professional baseball organization out of Colombia and oversees many other business interests.

Edgar Enrique Renteria, nicknamed “The Barranquilla Baby,” is a Colombian former professional baseball shortstop. He threw and batted right-handed. He played for the Florida Marlins, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Boston Red Sox, the Atlanta Braves, the Detroit Tigers, San Francisco Giants and Cincinnati Reds. Edgar attended 5 All-Stargames, won 2 World Series, 3 Silver Slugger awards as well as 2 gold glove awards and in 2010 earned the World Series MVP award. In 1997, Colombian president Ernesto Samper presented Edgar with Colombia’s highest honor, the “San Carlos Cross of the Order of the Great Knight.” Today, he runs Team Renteria with his brother Edinson helping Colombian baseball by giving professional instruction to Colombian professional baseball players and holding youth clinics for amateurs.

Michael Cummings, Chief Executive Officer, commented on the investment and acquisition saying, “We are very excited to partner up with the Renteria brothers from investment as well as them owning and operating a team in the AWBL. The partnership with the Renterias shows the strength and stability of AWBL and gives players from the United States
and South America an opportunity that they may not otherwise have.”

Embark Holidngs Releases Unaudited Financials

PRESS RELEASE – Embark Holdings, Inc. releases the unaudited financials of the first 9 months of 2012 and will release year end financials next year during the 1st quarter.
Income Statement
January – September, 2012

Total Income65,000.00
Gross Profit65,000.00

Bank Charges549.02
Dues &
Legal &
License and
Office Expenses3,576.17
Payroll Expenses20,812.49
Rent or Lease of
Delivery Expense593.57
Stationery &

Total Expenses53,449.41
Net Operating

Net Income11,550.59

Balance Sheet
As of September 30 2012

Current Assets
Bank Accounts
CHKG (3303)-135.52
Total Bank Accounts-135.52
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable
Total Accounts
Total Current Assets34,864.48

Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable0.00
Total Accounts
Other Current
Loan Payable23,423.89
Total Other Current
Total Current
Total Liabilities23,423.89
Opening Balance
Retained Earnings
Net Income11,550.59
Total Equity11,440.59


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12 responses to “Pair Invest in AWBL and Acquire Flyers, League Releases Financials

  1. Sounds like to me there are a bunch of nay sayers that believe they know what they are talking about and provide no proof of anything. It sounds like the Real Housewives of IndyBall and that is what I will call the lot of you. As for Jon and Richard you just sound like you are ex-employees or a team owner that was not allowed to operate in the AWBL. For a league that is in the start up phase, all you do is talk crap and wish ill of them, usually that comes from an ex-girlfriend. No need to make a comment back since I am not Dear Abby

    • Jon

      Okay you just proved you are by far the most ridiculous person to pretend to be a major entrepreneur; ladies and gentlemen poster “baseballhasbeenverygoodtome” is also “gene63” aka Michael Gene Cummings if you click the link of both names it brings you to some social media manager linked to gene63. You are a sad excuse for a professional and this is exactly why we are all over you! Every bit of information we have and have presented to public has been fed by you and your teams and your league through serious lack if marketing knowledge and ill preparation, good luck to you sir but this is by far the silliest thing I have ever seen on here and I am thankful I have never emailed, contacted or asked anyone in your “league” for employment opportunities because Frankly I have worked in baseball for affiliated and Indy teams in marketing and biz development for over 10 years which through my research is more experience than anyone you guys have involved other than Smock who as an assistant GM lol. You guys need money if you plan on making it anywhere you can’t expect to get anywhere on league dues, minimal membership fees and low budgeting lol you need to have some backing besides a Ponzi scheme public shell company that you keep switching. Like I said you started out announcing teams which none of them to date accept Yuma has a ballpark suitable for minor league baseball, not to mention Yuma has been a very poor draw which is why if failed. Then now there’s two OC teams, again makes no sense, no one has coaches or staff and your barely 5 months away from your projected opening day, no websites, accept already there has been reports of money issues with players at a tryout and whether its true or not the dues that DCSE’s secratery told me you withheld without providing any league services to help them correct the issue with Long Beach, which wa a public issue with the ballpark from the start. I hope you prove us all wrong but you look ridiculous sitting on your computer monitoring what people say rather than working on your product, shows a lot about a man when little things like this get under his skin lol.

      Hey who wants to start a league? I make $36,000 a year and have little savings but I can get logos and we can make money on dues, sponsors, Facebook owners and membership fees…anyone? Seriously this is exactly why these collegiate leagues are all getting their due attention, they know what they are doing, they set a plan and they execute that plan thoroughly. Call the UFL they might be able to give you some pointers lol

  2. Richard Cabeza

    The league is ran by the wrong person and it won’t make it. They have already burned players from their 40 player tryout by not refunding their tryout fee they prepaid for online. They announced they were moving it to California which would have been the smart thing to do but chose to do the dumb route thus the 40 player tryout. Out of the 40 players 10 of them were referred by SCSI Scouting and 9 were signed so I hear and did confirm. The Yuma owner paid nothing down to get the franchise when Cummings is asking for a $60k league fee up front. None of the owner proved their financials and were never asked to provide them. That should worry everybody! They don’t have a field for the other OC team and they have no contract for Cal State Fullerton yet. I’m hoping that someday the right people with real money can make this work because the people in charge have no money. Be careful!

    • Jon

      This is exactly what I had heard, Gene or shall I say Michael you may not know this because your only experience in baseball was Maui which we all know how that ended. But baseball is a very small fraternity on the professional level and even smaller on the independent level, players all talk to everyone, if they don’t like something whether it be a bat you force them to use, the bus you drive or meal money they can make or break your operation. Secondly, baseball executives all talk, I was a lowly marketing rep of several teams in the Northern League and Frontier League before getting a real job and I can tell you if something bad happened in the team I worked for or another organization we all knew about it. So you keep pointing fingers at people like Ron and Matty and anyone else who thinks your full of crap, telling them that have “insider information”. The inside information we all have is we all know people in this business, we all know people that either work with your league, went to your tryout, own a team etc. nothing is a secret in this business, everything that someone has said has come from common sense, your press releases, or confirmed information from players. For example we all know that the San Diego team has no where legitimate to play after the Surfdawgs fiasco Tony Gwynn, the only legitimate professional grade venue in county is off limits, leaving us to believe you are going to pull up some metal bleacher facility in the San Marcos area for whatever armature field that will give you the best rates, this too will cause issues with players as 90% of the high school, babe ruth, american legion type fields aren’t professional grade and it won’t be hard to notice. Secondly, you have a team in Fullerton that has no ballpark, the team has been advertising sponsorships, tickets and ownership shares since the first days of the AWBL – NOT VERY PROFESSIONAL…Long Beach, hell the report that came out from Cal State Long Beach about them not wanting baseball there was a huge statement, they simply DO NOT WANT YOU GUYS OR ANYONE ELSE THERE. I have spoken to people at the school who confirmed that they indeed do not expect a team to come in. Then we had announcements for a Mesa team, now they are gone, then there is now another OC team….where can they even play? there isn’t a suitable ballpark anywhere…which has been the primary issue besides poor management to all of these leagues. Then my next question is the owners, the man in San Diego might be the nicest guy in the world, I do not know him, however he is a career Military man and I know my father was a career marine, so he has a good retirement plan and great benefits but he really has no money, and would get laughed at by all of the respectable leagues in the country, then you have Tim in Yuma who again could be a nice guy but he worked one year with the Wild Things (a failed team) and played minor league ball for the expos, I dont imagine a frontier league GM salary of on average $60-$80k would give him the financial resources to own a professional team in any other league then the AWBL or a collegiate league. Then you have Fullerton who is now owned by Edgar Rentaria….lol…sure he was a good ball player but still not a respectable businessman who can do any better than Mintz.

      So now lets get to details with your XNE, Inc, Godfather Media and Embark Holdings – what do all of these companies have in common with each other? since 2009 you have changed companies 3 times you have I am assuming and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this purchased public shell companies with false hopes in thinking that is how you raise money. You give yourself a vague bio with limited information naming no credible businesses, management or anything that would show you are a credible entrepreneur. Your Embark Holdings bio claims you have extensive experience in start up companies of which have any of those ever actually left the start up stage? I don’t mean to be a jerk Gene but this isn’t a game, yes it is Baseball but this isn’t fantasy baseball. There is absolutely no credibility to anything you guys are selling and I for one think its a damn shame. the North American Baseball League, although it had shady officers with Kaval/Outcalt the league still had serious backing and got off the ground and hired some good people. The AWBL from what I can gather like the holding companies that came before Embark haven’t traded more than $.20 at any given time and none of them have shown any reporting financials and Embark is currently still under the GFMD ticker trading at a mind blowing $.0002 thats 2/1000 of a dollar lol. I see a loan in the financials above for roughly $23,000.00 and revenue of $65,000 which knowing people that work for the guys at DC Sports I know that they lost $15k in dues for nothing and are no longer a part of this league. Pretty classy I might add that a new league goes 4-5 months and can’t secure a lease in Long Beach and when they express concern they were told to pay up on a second amount in $15k or get out, and I don’t know the truth behind that because the person I know is just a secretary that I used to work with in the Can-Am League, but if this is indeed true that is a classless act on part of the league and I would consider returning some of that initial $15k considering not much really happened with the league during that period.

      None the less the leagues biggest issues is it announced a “league” teams Long Beach, Fullerton, North County, Mesa, Orange County and Long Beach, Fullerton, North County announced logos and none have ballparks, Yuma announced three different logos all of them were very very bad and not a single team has a website or any type of educated marketing strategy. If selling season tickets, sponsors, marketing plans and searching for owners via facebook and twitter is the plan then good luck to you all because you will need it.

      and p.s. take care of those players, it is not their fault you guys didn’t have your stuff together and have locations set…they deserve to be reimbursed or I am sure news will spread and it will be very hard to come by players. I will tell you now I work with several training facilities in Texas, Arizona and California and I have already received 4 emails regarding this mess and each email was mass produced to over 200 ballplayers in our systems.

    • Fan of Baseball

      There is more to this Renteria deal then what’s being said.

      The Renteria bro’s run a Winter Baseball League in Columbia called “TeamRenteria”, they bought the territorial rights to Fullerton & now all of a sudden there is TWO teams in Fullerton. Perhaps one will be a ALL COLUMBIAN TEAM, just like when the Renteria bro’s owned & operated the Yuma Scorpians(GBL) in 2009, check out the stats if you need proof.

      Another thing I don’t understand is the Fullerton Flyers were announced months ago as being a franchise in the AWBL, now all of a sudden the league sells the territorial rights to Fullerton? I guess the owners of the Flyers couldn’t get a lease at Cal State Fullerton so they partnered up with the Renteria bro’s so they could pay the money for the lease, but yet current ownership of the Flyers is still going to have a team in Fullerton after the fact they sold the territorial rights. I’ve never seen two owners of separate teams operate at the same stadium.

      You have to spend money, in order to make money, does the AWBL think people are stupid. I’m just sick of how people think that they can screw other people over and get away with it. If this league doesn’t happen will the players from the tryout, in early December get their money back?

      Independent Baseball has never worked on the WEST COAST, major factor being the TEAMS don’t OWN the ballparks or aren’t the primary TENNANT, like they are in all the other formidable leagues.

  3. Now you have comments, it does not take a genious to get people to this site to comment. Maybe Matty is the insider they sure seem to km=now more then what has been posted or released. You never know but that is what is so great about this country. People can go out and try to do something and others that do nothing can put them down. And yes I know it is your opinion as well this is my opinion.

  4. Matty

    Could not agree more not to mention it was suppose to be a new flavor out there yet the entire league staff is former failed owners of GBL teams Maui and St. George and both situations ended badly from what I can gather. Then to further separate themselves further from the GBL they went into failed GBL markets i.e. Yuma, San Diego, Fullerton, Long Beach some of them were so damaged in the past that they didn’t even want pro ball returning…then they announce a tryout and I have talked to some people that went or know about it and very few people showed up and some that were misinformed of location changes could not recoup any travel costs from the league. The entire thing is just crazy to me and to make matters worse gene36 here is definitely a AWBL staff member or maybe mr. CEO himself as out of curiosity I googled his name and his initials are Michael G Cummings (i think) and the plea posted above directed to himself “give him a break” so I think that says it all.

    Now honestly I don’t want these guys to fail but in just a short period of time they have managed to make little news, we still don’t know where San Diego and Fullerton are playing yet they are selling sponsorships and tickets on facebook and now this second Orange County team I can’t even find a suitable professional grade ballpark on or and with Mesa gone the travel alone to and from Yuma is going to get costly without a travel partner. No teams have announced Managers, Coaches, Front Office Staff accept Dan DiPace in with the Flyers although I hear he might leave with the Renteria deal coming in. At the end of the day as a Pasadena resident I was hoping for some good tangible baseball with something different we have seen this same crap since the Western Baseball League and no team has ever even broken 100k in annual attendance, the Frontier League, American Association, Atlantic League, Can-Am League, (defunct) Northern League all cut teams that did not meet a certain criteria and if failed for a certain amount of years the team would be shut down.

  5. It does not mean that..please give me a break

    • Karen

      Gene really? This is a Joke I never post but the fact that you are clearly a league member and you sit here monitoring what everyone says is crap we are all entitled to our opinions and until proven otherwise you can’t expect us to just sit back and buy everything your selling

      • Fan of Baseball

        I am definitely not buying what the AWBL is selling. This league is being ran at the benefit of a COMPANY & not it’s TEAMS, it will NEVER work.

        After announcing the creation of the AWBL some eight or nine months ago the league came out like gangbusters & announced cities like Orange County, Yuma, Long Beach, San Diego, & Mesa would all field teams for the 2013. It’s now mid December & Long Beach & Mesa are no longer part of the league & Orange County will have not only have one but two teams. I know that there is still time to announce more expansion into different cities but time is running out & fast. The major four independent leagues (Atlantic, American Association, Can-Am, & Frontier) have all announced there schedules for the up coming 2013 season, I guess that’s the difference between a legit independent league, & a wanna be independent league (First Class Operations).

        I could go on & on & on about this league, but for now I will just wait, & let them shoot themselves in the foot.

  6. Matty

    For the first time in months there is an AWBL related post with no comments…this only shows that there is very little interest in this league…

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