Skylands Park on the Auction Block

Sussex Skyhawks LogoNew Jersey Cardinals LogoSkylands Park, the former home of the indy pro Sussex SkyHawks (Can-Am League) and Single-A New Jersey Cardinals (New York-Penn League), is going up for auction on Wednesday, Dec. 12, to satisfy a $57,277.43 tax lien placed on the property by Frankford Township.  We assume Millennium Sports Management, the owner of the ballpark, could still redeem the property if the tax is paid.  If not, and no other bidder steps up to the plate, the property could end up in the hands of the township.

Beyond confirming the auction with the township’s tax department, we have not talked with any officials about what they might do with the property, if they end up with it.  One major challenge for Millennium has been the annual $120,000-plus property tax bill, based on a $6.7 million valuation.  Millennium challenged this valuation last year.

View auction notice here.  Thanks to Brian Merzbach for the news.


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5 responses to “Skylands Park on the Auction Block

  1. Richard Stuart

    It has been more than 15 months since the tax appeal was filed. it would be reasonable to expect that it has been decided one way or another if the appeal has been successful. Does anyone know the results of the appeal

  2. Jason

    Oops! I forgot to add the “n”. Glad to see others agree with me; let’s bring baseball back to Sussex, NJ!

  3. I totally agree! Maybe the township will find out that minor league baseball doesn’t make millions and millions of dollars in profit.

  4. Sky Fan

    I agree with Jaso. this is a good spot for baseball. Here’s to sky lands park!

  5. Jaso

    I hope that we will once again witness baseball at Skylands Park. It is a jewel of a place and helped (along with Trenton) usher in minor league baseball back to the Garden State.

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