No Baseball in Worcester in 2013

The city of Worcester, the College of the Holy Cross, and Hanover Insurance have agreed to put off replacing the indy pro Worcester Tornadoes (Can-Am League) at Hanover Insurance Park until 2014.  Read more here.


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12 responses to “No Baseball in Worcester in 2013

  1. Jason

    I think the future of baseball in Worcester will be constructed of college wood. As for the Atlantic League 2, that remains to be seen. Good luck if they get it off the ground.

  2. Jon

    I for one do not like the idea of this “feeder league” I think it will further keep the markets like Brockton, Rockland, Atlantic City, Newark and Bridgeport with lower level talent. I like the idea of the Northern League returning, I think the league offered a healthy alternative to the Atlantic League in beautiful ballparks with good ownership groups. The American Association and Can-Am League along with the Pecos, AWBL, Freedom, United can all go away I like the idea of Atlantic League, Northern League, Frontier League. But how could a Northern League get teams back? And which teams would likely return and or jump ship back to the Northern League including eastern, southern and western states.

    • FanForLife

      The Northern League was arguably the best indy league until it fell apart. As for a new Northern League I’d look at cities like, Winnipeg, Fargo, Gary, Joliet, Schaumburg, St Paul for starters. You could also expand into Alberta Canada with Edmonton being under a new ownership group but no league to play in. I also heard at one time another city North of Edmonton started building a ballpark? Eventually I’d have four teams in Canada, four in the Midwest, and four in the Chicagoland area. A twelve team league is perfect, once you get any bigger than that things seem to start crumble. Winnipeg, Fargo, Gary, and Kansas City run the American Association. Could you imagine if those four teams never joined the AA, there is absolutly no way the other teams in the AA could make do of a interlocking schedule with the CanAm League. Sioux City, and the Texas teams are on the rocks.

      • Jon

        FFL – I also think there is a market on the east coast where teams like Atlantic City, Newark, Brockton, Rockland can all survive and get back to where they once were. My question or concern would be would any of those midwest teams go back to a revised Northern League?

  3. FanForLife

    I think the decision to NOT have baseball this summer in Worcester is a good one. After a messy situation this past summer the people of Worcester need to have time to forget about the Tornadoes and have baseball brought back in a proper manor. With the success the Atlantic League has had, I strongly believe Worcester will become part of the Atlantic League2 for the 2014 season. Yes I said Atlantic League2 (Feeder League).

  4. I think every city should have a collegiate wood bat team instead of a professional minor league team. From the comments on this site and elsewhere, it is apparent that this is the only form of baseball that is sustainable. Let’s fold the Can-Am League and the American Association and add 18 new collegiate wood bat teams !

  5. Paul

    The Can-Am League sits at five teams, & the American Association sits at 13, with the odd number of teams in both leagues & Miles Wolff being the commissioner of both leagues they don’t have a choice but not to play a interlocking schedule. The thing is the teams in the Can-Am League are so cash strapped, then you add on travel to the American Association it spells for disaster. Even some of the teams in the American Association are cash strapped. It’s going to kill both leagues. Bring back the Northern League and let the big teams spen on travel, just a suggestion.

  6. Jason

    I saw Newark play in Gary this past summer and was schocked! Why is a minor league team from the New York area playing a team in the Chicago area? Minor league baseball at this level should be at a regional level and not 1/3 of the way across the country. Worcester will most likely come back in the form of a collegiate wood bat league and Newark cannot survive much longer with their attendance woes. My prediction: New Jersey Jackals joining a wood bat league, Newark will cease operations, Rockland, Quebec, and Trois Rivieres to the Atlantic League.

    • I agree Rockland to the Atlantic League. Their stadium is at the quality level required by the league. As for Quebec and Trois Rivieres, I don’t know if the Atlantic League would be interested in travelling that far, although they are in Sugar Land TX.

      • Jason

        I would not have thought of the Atlantic League placing teams in the province of Quebec a few seasons ago, but they reaped the awards of Sugar Land this season. The ballparks in Quebec are old, but the Capitales have been a success since their inception and Trois Rivieres is looking to mirror the Caps success. If they do not join the Atlantic League; I am not sure where they will find a home in.

  7. Paul

    The Can-Am League is in rough shape. Good thing the League found a way to add Trois Rivieres, otherwise we might be talking about the Can-Am League folded. Quebec is keeping this league together, and I’m interested to see which teams from the Can-Am will be traveling to play teams in the American Association. If you take away Winnipeg, Fargo, Gary, & Kansas City from the American Association, that league would be in a world of hurt too just look at the AA schedule. Miles Wolff has some tough decisions to make.

    I don’t expect Worcester to return to the Can-Am League, if this proposed feeder goes ahead look for them to join that, along with the other failed CanAm league teams. Also look for Newark and a couple other current CanAm league teams to jump ship, most aren’t happy with the travel to the AA, that’s why the CanAm league hasn’t announced its schedule yet.

  8. Matty

    This is sad to see, not the greatest ballpark but a very cozy place to see a game. This only further ruins the Can-Am League having lost Worcester, Brockton, Nashua, New Haven, Ottawa, Sussex, Atlantic City and others I know I am forgetting leaving only Newark, Rockland, Quebec, New Jersey and Trios Rivieras with Newark on very shaky ground is not great to see either.

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