Pecos League Targets Las Vegas (NM)

The indy pro Pecos League is targeting Las Vegas (NM) for expansion, which could give the circuit as many as nine teams for the 2013 season.  As is standard operating procedure for the the Pecos, teams are branded before stadium deals are locked in, and it is no exception here.  The the name chosen for the proposed team is the Las Vegas Train Robbers. According to a league press release:

“Las Vegas is the perfect location for a Pecos League Team. Located one hour from Taos, one hour from Santa Fe and ninety minutes from Trinidad, Vegas would be the hub of the Northern Division. The ballpark at New Mexico Highlands recently had field turf installed and would be the first ever artificial turf field in the Pecos League.”

According to the team’s website:

“[Las Vegas is] [l]ocated on the edge of the eastern plains of New Mexico, at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, is Las Vegas, New Mexico. Though not as well known as other Wild West towns, such as Dodge City, Deadwood, or Tombstone; Las Vegas, is said to have been the worst of the worst of the Old West Towns.”


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6 responses to “Pecos League Targets Las Vegas (NM)

  1. Karl

    Seriously, I could name some great locations that have no teams. I cannot name any locations the Pecos has that I would want if I was rich and starting a league.

  2. Ron

    Thank God! This league is ridiculous as it is…

  3. Karl

    Not Las Vegas, NV… This is Las Vegas,NM… Not even Dunn is stupid enough to try to sell his product in a real MILB town.

  4. Ron

    Here comes the Henderson hopefuls again….The 51’s are the prime team in Vegas and will surely have all the local leverage.

  5. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    They have a very limited number of fans to hold a contest.

  6. Karl

    Lets hope the logo and name change, as they are both horrible!! Las Vegas Bandits or Las Vegas Outlaws would be a much better name. Would it hurt the Pecos League to allow fans to participate in a name the team contest? This would allow fans to get more involved and generate interest. But of course the Pecos never follows normal SOP!!

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