Prairie Dogs Still Owe Money to Players

There have already been rumors that the indy pro Abilene Prairie Dogs (North American League/United League) were one and done after a financially troubled first season, and the admission by General Manager Chet Carey that the team still owes some players final paychecks doesn’t help to quell those rumors.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Prairie Dogs Still Owe Money to Players

  1. Scout55

    Bryon Pierce- Watch Out! This group may be the worst of them all! Texas Winter League revenue will be used to pay players that have not been paid from 2012 season.

  2. Karl

    How can he buy La Grave field, but not pay bills and make payroll elsewhere.

    • Ron

      La Grave from what I heard was more a promise to take over the yearly expense with no cash exchanged…still a questionable situation.

  3. baseball scout

    With all the BS going on for years behind Mr. Pierce, he best sleep with one eye open!

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