Psych! Name-the-Team Contest Announced for Yuma Panthers

Despite unveiling a new horribly-amateur logo for the indy pro Yuma Panthers (American West Baseball League) just last week to replace the previous horribly-amateur logo, the new owners of the franchise have announced a name-the-team contest.  Fans will have until Sunday, Oct. 14 to make submissions.  From Tuesday, Oct. 16 through Sunday, Oct. 21, fans will vote from a list of top submissions.  The winning name will be announced soon thereafter.  Read more hereSubmit names here.


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4 responses to “Psych! Name-the-Team Contest Announced for Yuma Panthers

  1. Ron


    I am the biggest league supporter on this site and have been fighting this battle for a while, but this Yuma team has made it very hard to fight. The Scorpions had a nice logo and it made sense for their geographical location. Long Beach and Fullerton have both come out with really good logos and its exciting, and then Yuma comes out with this amateurish design and makes it a big “announcement” and it was a flop, so mush that the new owner just a week later is now doing a name the team contest, but renaming the team won’t help them if the logo design is being done by the same person. My suggestion would be to call the same guy that did Fullerton and Long Beach and all be on the same page. And where is San Diego in all of this, where can they even play? My doubts now 7 months out with no websites, 4 teams then 5 teams and then back to 4 teams according to the league site is just alarming to say the least. I hope it works out we need something good out here finally. But I am not holding my breath any longer.


  2. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know


    This league is really…………………….

    • Really all you do is slam this league and they are in start up mode. I can’t wait tell they start the season and make you come up with some other new lines. By the way they just announced their 1st league try-out in Tuscon, I am sure you have a comment about that to.

      • Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

        Get a clue on the situation. You must have me confused with someone else.

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