BieberDuped in Newark?

The indy pro Newark Bears (Can-Am League) announced Monday that Justin Bieber would make an appearance at a fundraiser for charity at Riverfront Stadium the end of October.  When Bieber’s publicist was asked about the show, she dismissed it as “pure fiction.”  This afternoon, the Newark Bears tweeted the following:

The Newark Bears are investigating a fraudulent representation of Justin Bieber who had no part of any Bears That Care fundraiser.

The following was also posted on the team’s Facebook page:

The Newark Bears and The Newark Bears That Care Foundation are investigating a situation regarding fraudulent representation of Justin Bieber, who has no part of any potential related fraudulent activity.

No matter what happened here, this is the kind of embarrassment and publicity the Bears’ ownership doesn’t need right now while trying to resurrect the franchise.  Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the story.


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2 responses to “BieberDuped in Newark?

  1. Ron

    How do you resurrect a team that has had this Bimbo with her “Geauex Bears” a convicted cop Tom Cetnar and a bad operations since Rick Cerone sold the team.

  2. Ron

    Shocking….Dronet/Spiel are great owners lol….

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