Pecos League Announces Taos Blizzard and Pecos Bills, Pueblo Off the Table

The Pecos League is targeting Taos (NM) and Pecos (TX) for expansion in 2013.  The circuit’s modus operandi is to name a new team and unveil branding before a formal ballpark lease agreement is in place.  Read about the Blizzard hereRead about the Bills here.  Interesting, in The Taos News story about the Blizzard, the Pecos reportedly could not expand to Pueblo (CO) as planned, because the city did not pass a bond to build them a new stadium.

The league was planning to add a team in Pueblo, Colo., but Pueblo was unable to pass a bond that would have built the team a stadium, enabling Taos to get the nod.

A new stadium?  They must be talking about Pueblo West, because we know first hand that there are two very functional existing stadiums in Pueblo — either one of which would easily be the crown jewel of the league.


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7 responses to “Pecos League Announces Taos Blizzard and Pecos Bills, Pueblo Off the Table

  1. Bob

    What about Northern Arizona? Why not put a team in Flagstaff or Winslow to compete? Easy travel…could you imagine: The Winslow Hot Corners…

  2. Derek

    Baseball is dying across the US, the Pecos League has teams where people actually care, New Mexico isn’t a football state, it is gambling state… they are going to average like 200-600, it is a different deal that all indy leagues, they players aren’t bad at all, i have seen Alpine and Roswell play, they could play in Frontier League right away…. New Mexico really sux I liked the idea of them going to Colorado, but i continue to follow this league…the biggest negative about new mexico is they will have a harder time getting players and coaches to stay there.

  3. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    20k isn’t small? That’s the whole freakin county not Taos which is only like 5000. Real leagues want counties with at least 100k in ideal situations, very few are smaller than that

  4. Adam

    Taos isn’t THAT small or poor. Like 20k in the “metro” Taos area, and a lot of LANL employees here.

    But what I wonder about is, does that mean they plan on building a stadium in Taos?

  5. Karl

    True.. No real competition for the entertainment dollars in these towns. To put a league in the towns I mentioned would mean you would have to find owners, or have alot of money.

  6. Karl

    Getting into some very small towns now.. With much better locations in N. Texas, E.Texas Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri, why would you want to start a league in the poorest most dense area as New Mexico? I would target Denton, W. Falls, Lufkin, Shreveport, Bartlesville, Broken Aarow, as better places to start a team than BFE New Mexico..

    • Ed Roberts

      I believe the league is trying to keep its geographic footprint as small as possible (NM, E Texas and S Co) to keep travel costs to a minimum. Why NM? I suspect because the market is available and the cost of putting teams there is relatively small.

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