Who is On Staff at BSH’s NBL?

We’ve been keeping our eye on Blanchette Sports Holdings and its developing National Baseball League (formerly Nationwide Baseball League and Southeast Baseball League), and we are confused about who is actually on staff.  Some time ago, Dan Wingold was announced as the league’s President and Sales Director.  In fact, his picture and titles still appear on the Blanchette website in three different locations.  However, the league’s website lists the two positions as “vacant,” and the Blanchette Facebook page states that the NBL is looking for a “Director of Sales and Marketing.”  See for yourself here.


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10 responses to “Who is On Staff at BSH’s NBL?

  1. Karl

    Thats what I been told.

  2. Ron

    Blanchette lives at his dads house on the couch?

  3. Karl

    Their WIFL (Womens Indoor Football League) has hired a commissioner. Just noticed the NBL Commissioner is a Womens Head Basketball Coach at a small Louisiana school..

  4. Karl

    I have heard rumors that the league owner lives at his dads house sleeping on the couch.

  5. I think Alan is right when he says that damage can be done and I think it’s good that he keeps tabs on this venture.

    I get the feeling that what they will do is similar to what the ABA does in basketball. They’ll sell you the rights to a market for a very low price and send you their “kit” but won’t do any background checks or financial checks and then let the team owner flounder in the wind when they realize that it takes a whole lot of money to actually field a team.

  6. Ron

    It is a complete joke, they have a “empire” of league logos lol! They have no one with actual experience and there is nothing on any of these guys prior to their building of too many projects.

  7. Rob Hoffmann

    There is no indication that this is anything more than a vaporware organization that will never field a single team — and I’m talking about the entire Bissonnette “empire”, not just the sure-to-lose-a-trademark-suit National Baseball League.

  8. Do any of these leagues have actual teams? This seems more like a fantasy league. JD

    • ballparkbiz

      The project will never come to fruition, but that doesn’t mean damage can’t be done in the process. That’s why we’re talking about it.


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