Baseball Returning to Trois-Rivières with MLB, NHL Connection

A press conference was held this week to announce the return of professional baseball to Stade Fernand-Bédard (formerly known as Stade Municipal) in Trois-Rivières (QC).  The Trois-Rivières Eagles will become a reality, when the indy pro Can-Am League approves the franchise on October 2.


The franchise investment group includes former MLB pitcher Eric Gagne, league commissioner Miles Wolff, NHL defenseman Marc-André Bergeron, Emmanuel Turcotte, and Michel Side.  View group photo hereRead more here.  Use the free translation tool here, if you (like us) don’t know French.


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9 responses to “Baseball Returning to Trois-Rivières with MLB, NHL Connection

  1. The Nationals and Royals-early 2000’s were border line AAA teams if that.
    What difference does quality of players matter to a baseball fan?
    Maybe i have nothing else to do or maybe it’s that baseball is baseball and kids playing in an abandoned car lot is still damn good entertainment.
    I could care less about New York and it’s golden history.

    The nationals and Royals sold draft picks and a better future to fans and they bought it.

    Ron’s suggestions for more creative marketing speaks to the humdrum show going on all across north america, but at the same time, the entire concept of slick marketing smells foul…very foul. if a product is good, it should sell on its own. If fans don’t come to games to just see baseball being played, then no gimmick or whistle is gonna change a darn thing
    or if it does, call it an eddie gaedel circus. a live organ and local rock bands given a chance to play between innings seems like more than enough marketing.

    i long to see a mix of washed up players and grade D prospects playing baseball side by side on a regular basis throughout the trois rivieres summer and if Eric Gagne is willing to sooth his conscience by forking over bills he partially earned on steroids, then bring it on.

  2. You can complain about the talent level in the Can-Am League (and I agree it has diminished somewhat in recent years), but the fact is most fans can’t tell the difference. The talent level is pretty bad in many of the summer collegiate leagues and even in the NYPL to a certain extent. So to say that’s a reason why fans should stay away is a bit silly. Now if you want to argue that the rest of the “entertainment” package is not up to par, that’s a different story. But really, there are very few teams doing anything creative these days. Ninety percent of the teams out there do the same promotions and in-game nonsense. I really wish Wolff would just Boulton take over the league – I think he could make it a success again.

  3. Ron

    Then why don’t they just form the Canadian Independent Professional Baseball League lol…And Brian, for example I would rather spend $10 to go to Long Island, Somerset, Lancaster or my local affiliated team to see entertainment, great level of play etc. if you have gone to a Can-Am League game the last two or three years in Newark, Worcester, Brockton the level of play is basically a glorified mens league, Cape Cod League is putting up better talent. Not to mention for $10 only Brockton of those two put on a good entertaining show. So its entertainment value and what you consider it to be. I am not begrudging fans at all, I am one of those fans! I am begrudging the lack of good ownership, creative entertainment, entertainment value and just the overall demise of the league. It was an amazing product as the Northeast League and even in the beginning years of the Can-Am…Owners in New Jersey, Rockland, Quebec they are good but every other ownership group seems to have issues every year, Carminucci, Breighner, Dronet/Spiel, Cetnar, Bud Lewis, Ventura Sports Group etc.

  4. Baseball Fan

    We need more baseball in Quebec: Montreal, Sherebrooke, Laval, and Hull!

  5. Ron, what do you mean when you say, “there is no reason for people to go to games” ? What’s the reason to go to Atlantic League games ? What’s the reason to go to Futures League games ? Why are you begrudging fans who just want a night out to see a ballgame or be entertained ?

  6. Ron

    Again…why? The Can-Am League has no value, no reason for people to go to games, Newark I doubt will be able to play next year without a change of ownership, Worcester I heard the league can’t sustain, Brockton (the original jewel of the league) – who knows, what they are doing…Quebec is just such a far trip for a bunch of teams struggling…Rockland is great but has no commitment anywhere, Nashua, Lynn, New Haven, Atlantic City, Bangor, Augusta, Pittsfield, Newburgh, Waterbury, have all been failed markets or poorly mismanaged, I just personally don’t see why they are adding another team in another “far-travel” market….maybe get some owners who have a clue in some of the other markets, I for one would love to see baseball back in all of those markets especially New Haven, Brockton and Atlantic City – and strong owners in Newark!

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