Proposed Plan for News Rays Park to Be Unveiled Friday

Darryl LeClair of CityScape, LLC will publicly share his plan for a proposed new stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays in the Gateway area of St. Petersburg at 1:30 p.m. Friday during a special St. Petersburg City Council meeting at the Hilton St. Petersburg Corillon Park.  Read more and view news clip here.


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8 responses to “Proposed Plan for News Rays Park to Be Unveiled Friday

  1. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Portland and the city of sin and skin, Las Vegas.
    Some people say San Antonio but I don’t know how viable that is.

  2. Ron

    Charlotte, Portland, Buffalo, Montreal are all capable of being major league markets with outside chances of Las Vegas, Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Nashville or Memphis, Puerto Rico etc.

    Unfortunately Oakland and Tampa will probably both need new homes in the next couple of years and San Jose no matter how much Selig tries, there is no way the Giants give up San Jose – and Tampa will never survive new ballpark or not in Tampa/St. Pete…Montreal wasn’t the best situation the first time around, I think it is time to see some fresh MLB cities both teams know how to build winning organizations from scratch, maybe one of these cities will actually come out and support the team.

    • Danrodriguez804

      I agree, why are they still talking St. Pete? Charlotte is off the table now that they are building a new park for the knights. I know I keep saying it but in my mind Montreal is the best available market. Four million plus. Just get a new stadium not so remote like the O. Definitely an MLB town.

      • Danrodriguez804

        Orlando is worse than Tampa. And in PR they are converting their biggest park to soccer only. Crazy but baseball has been on life support in PR

      • Ron

        Is there any legitimate location other than Montreal? Like I said both Tampa and Oakland don’t belong, so what other markets are viable?

    • PaulS

      Au contraire, mon frere. Montreal was never that bad of a market, until the 94 strike wiped out their best season ever. While I don’t know for sure about subsequent years, prior to 94, Montreal was outdrawing several other teams, including Bud Light’s own Milwaukee Brewers. A decent park and an owner NOT named Loria, and MLB can work in la belle Province.

  3. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Yanks, Mets and Sox will no allow another team in the area. Buffalo on the other hand might be possible, was built for possible expansion. But the Rays could stay in Florida, just not where they are now.

    Can’t say minor league cities can instantly become major league cities. Would be nice if it was that easy but there are so so so many factors.

    Montreal is trying to get back on the radar though.

  4. Ron

    Why are we still talking about remaining in St. Pete? THAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE! St. Pete is full of retirees, Tampa at least has some industry to build off of. All in all, I would run out of Florida there are viable markets in Charlotte, Nashville/Memphis, Louisville, Norfolk, New Jersey, and if possible, I know Peter Gammons once reports somewhere in Connecticut…I personally feel there are sports markets where a team can prosper and that cities would bend over backwards to accommodate a team as sound as the Rays top to bottom.

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