Hillsboro Groundbreaking Today, Brand Unveiling Delayed (But We Think We Know)

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new $15.2 million stadium being built for the relocating Single-A Yakima Bears (Northwest League) is today at 11 a.m. Pacific.  There was also supposed to be an unveiling of the team’s new name a logo, but that’s been delayed for a few weeks.  Read more here.  That said, there is strong evidence that the brand will have a beer connotation that could actually be appealing to kids.  We don’t want to spoil it (just in case we’re right), so we’ll let you figure it out.


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8 responses to “Hillsboro Groundbreaking Today, Brand Unveiling Delayed (But We Think We Know)

  1. Vincent Portulano

    Why didn’t Hilsboro fight to keep the Triple AAA Portland beavers? Instead they bring in the single A Yakima bears!?

  2. If it is indeed Hops, I applaud the team for coming up with a unique and creative name. The folks in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre could have taken a lesson or two from Hillsboro.

  3. Hillsboro Hops was mentioned early on as a possibility during the Name The Team newspaper promotion thru The Oregonian. Fits the above–Hops for Portland’s microbreweries, and can still have a bunny rabbit or jackrabbit as a logo, mascot, etc for families.

  4. The Hops? I haven’t heard anything, so this is just a guess.

  5. crossbeaux

    I think we need more of a hint.

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