Bye-Bye Blue Jays, 51s Sign New Affiliation Agreement with Mets

PRESS RELEASE – The Las Vegas 51s professional baseball team of the Pacific Coast League (PCL) announced today they have signed a “new” two-year Player Development Contract (PDC) with the New York Mets, member of the National League East.

The two-year PDC with the Mets will run through the 2014 season. Las Vegas just completed its 30th season in the Silver State and the fourth season as the Triple-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays (2009-12). The Blue Jays are expected to announce a two-year PDC with the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons of the International League. The New York Mets spent the last four seasons in Triple-A Buffalo (2009-12).

“We are familiar with many of the front office personnel with the Mets,” 51s Executive Director Don Logan said. “I’ve known Sandy Alderson (Mets GM) for 20 years to go along with J.P. Ricciardi (Special Assistant to the GM), Paul DePodesta (VP, Player Development & Scouting), Dick Scott (Minor League Field Coordinator) and Terry Collins (Manager). These individuals are all very familiar with Las Vegas from the time they spent here with other organizations. We are excited to welcome the Mets as our new Triple-A affiliate.”

This will mark the fourth Major League Baseball affiliation for the Las Vegas franchise in the 30-year history as a member of the PCL.

“We are excited about our new partnership with the Las Vegas 51s and the city of Las Vegas, one which values equally player development, winning and community involvement,” Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson said.

“We are looking forward to working with the New York Mets as our new affiliate,” 51s General Manager Chuck Johnson added. “The Mets will continue to provide quality players for us on the field that our fans will enjoy watching play. We are also excited to have the New York “brand” in the Las Vegas market.

“From the 51s perspective, nothing is going to change from our end. We will continue to provide affordable family entertainment to go along with the promotional nights (ie, fireworks, giveaway items) and the outstanding caliber of competition that typifies PCL baseball.

“We had a great relationship with Toronto for four years and the Blue Jays front office was fantastic to deal with and they provided an excellent product on the field with some outstanding players (ie, J.P. Arencibia, Adeiny Hechavarria, Brett Lawrie). We understand with the lack of player amenities at Cashman Field and the proximity of Buffalo to Toronto (100 miles), it makes sense geographically to move to Buffalo.”

Las Vegas Triple-A Affiliation History: San Diego Padres, 18 seasons (1983-2000), 1,227-1,329 (.480), 7 playoff appearances
Los Angeles Dodgers, 8 seasons (2001-08), 561-586 (.489), 1 playoff appearance
Toronto Blue Jays, 4 seasons (2009-2012), 287-288 (.499), 0 playoff appearances
ALL-TIME RECORD: 2,075-2,203 (.485)

The Las Vegas Stars/51s have captured the PCL Championship twice (1986 & 1988) and appeared in the playoffs eight times (17-23 record, .425).

The 51s will open the 2013 season against division-rival, the Sacramento River Cats, Triple-A affiliate of the Oakland A’s, on Thursday, April 4.


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12 responses to “Bye-Bye Blue Jays, 51s Sign New Affiliation Agreement with Mets

  1. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Need to look at it from the eyes of the actual team owner. There are people who own these teams and they aren’t in it to throw money away. They have a say in what goes on except for player movement for the most part.

    • Danrodriguez804

      They actually have no say; the patent club ha total control over the roster. I think winning helps but it’s not the main ingredient to succes in minor league ball, as evidenced by empty stadiums nationwide during the playoffs.

      I think Buffalo’s issues run deeper than the team’s win-loss record. I think that’s a lame excuse given by them.

  2. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    MLB team will take players but it’s the fact that the team has been a loser for a while. The team owners aren’t in it to lose money. Winning teams on any level puts more people in seats.

  3. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Winning is secondary? Do you want a losing team? Winning teams put more people in seats, more sales, more hats get sold, etc. If I owned Buffalo and had a chance to have a POSSIBLE better partner than I’d do it. I’ve been a Mets fan for over 25 years but facts are facts and the Mets stock their farm system with has beens and never will bes.

    The parent club wants their players closer and probably promises to do whatever to help the owner of the team unless the team actual owns the affiliate which is rare.

    Look at the Pirates and State College. The Pirates don’t seem to communicate with the team owners, dont return calls and have losing teams so the Spikes are going back to the Cardinals affiliate.

    Winning may be secondary to the parent club but not the actual team owner.

    • Ron

      I think it’s important to note that before buffalo was with the Mets, Robert Rich Jr (billionaire Team Owner) had a team that for several years had more than 800,000 people per year and several times more than 1 million fans per season often outdoing the bottom garbage of the MLB! This could be the perfect partnership for Buffalo as most that live in Buffalo are Toronto Blue Jays fans

    • Danrodriguez804

      “Tim Wallach’s job, roughly speaking, is to get the players on his team ready to play in the major leagues. Winning is nice, but secondary. It’s much more important for a young prospect like outfielder Xavier Paul to get regular at-bats against lefties, or work on dropping down sacrifice bunts with a runner on first, than it is to take three of four from the Portland Beavers.”

      A couple of the Mets’ top prospects, as well as MiLB’s, (Harvey and Wheeler) played in Buffalo this year. Never will be?

    • Danrodriguez804

      If you look to build your team around success at the AAA level rather than the MLB level, that’s not a recipe for success. Plus it changes so quickly: last year the SI Yanks won the NYPL; this year had the worst record in the league.

      If the Bisons were in the playoff hunt and the Bluejays were languishing in fourth place but needed an outfielder or just some more bodies in seats, do you thInk they would hesitate to recall Anthony Gose because, hey, Buffalo deserves a winner?

  4. Ron

    Brooklyn would make a good Triple A City…and Norwich, New Haven or even Bridgeport would work well for the Cyclones

  5. Paul

    Mets landed there because they were the last man standing when all the seats (locations) were taken, same events that led to the New Orleans years – had no other choice. Another sign of the Wilpon magic.

    • Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

      What do Fred and Jeff Coupon have to do with that? The Mets didn’t have players for Buffalo to be successful so Toronto was able to move in. If the Bisons were successful it would be a different story. But the Coupons don’t own Buffalo.

      • Danrodriguez804

        You know, I’ve heard that excuse about buffalo not winning and to me that’s a lame excuse. In the minors winning is secondary. It’s about what’s best for the parent club. If the Bisons are in the playoff hunt and the Bluejays need a hitter or a pitcher, they’ll go to buffalo to get it. Buffalo is a depressed city, that may have more to do with it.

  6. Ron

    Good for Toronto not so sure Mets will stick around…Vegas is best as a Dodgers or Padres affiliate.

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