Freedom League Announces Return in 2013

Despite the circuit’s turbulent inaugural season, the independent Freedom Pro Baseball League is promising to return in 2013 with plans to expand from four to six teams.  Read more here.


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13 responses to “Freedom League Announces Return in 2013

  1. Karl

    Pecos League does do some questionable things, like name teams and all before they have an agreement among other things, but I dont remember reading they dont pay their bills, or dont pay their players on time (as little as it maybe), or their players sleeping in the clubhouse. For as sad as the Pecos League maybe, at least to my knowledge, they have not left towns with unpaid bills and all.. How many leagues can you name that have did it, or are currently doing it..

    • Nobody78

      Karl, heard from players themselves I know. Sleeping clubhouse was a norm for many players. One player I know Had to drive to games. There many more nightmare stories, from young ball players trying to break in proball in that league. Once again a governed body needs to made. Atlantic, Canam, All american, and cant forget the the Frontier league will be safe, as well as the United divsion of the North American league. I cant really say anything about the travel team/two team play in the same park other division. Joe Sperle semi pro league and Dunns summer college woodbat league, will be in trouble.

    • Jon Snyder

      Is Freedom League playing in 2014 and in how many markets?

  2. Nodoby78

    Guys I love it. I am a Phoenix resident and watched a handful of games.
    It was sad to be told at the gate of the staduim. Go ahead walk in, there is no charge, tonight double header is already a loss. A few of the managers even got playing time as well. One of them being a 50 year old former major leaguer, who also plays in the valley’s msbl. That what the league was a glorifed adult league with some some castoffs who played in a year or two ago in a low level league, or a college kids getting there first taste of pro ball. If any of you have noticed Sperles bio has been updated. There is no lionger 20 year of professional exp. He is a youth baseball instructor, lets keep it at that, and let the big boys run the professional leagues. As for a govering body to over see these leagues I am all for it. Lets get Andrew Dunn and that Pecos League out of here as well. Sadly another black eye on the world of Indy league baseball.

  3. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    A governing body can’t eliminate these leagues. If you have money and can get things together, you have a league. It’s doing it right that matters and they did not. Don’t care if you have 50 years in baseball or 50 minutes but it has to be done right and that takes a lot more than saying “Hey I have a league, come watch”. Trust me…

  4. Ron

    Well originally they and at least the Northern League, Atlantic League, American Association and Can-Am League…Maybe even the frontier league were part of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues…and those groups are also part of the Independent Professional Baseball Federation (which from what I know has been mostly inactive for years)…Something like this needs to happen, there was nothing professional about their staffing either…the guy who runs the league apparently has 20 years in professional baseball and not a single person has heard of him…

    • Mr. Sperle is his name and he TRIES to run it all……He is running himself short on all aspects of the game and it shows , their is not but 4 players that even like or agree with him and they are, pre-assigned plants on each team to narc on others ..and they do lie to stay on the teams…The league will fail..nobody likes this league…… on it….

  5. Scout55

    The only thing that met the criteria of professional baseball was the staff that ran the teams. Cancellation of games, not be paid on time, musical chairs with staff members, unable to reach league for any kind of information, same Indy ball stuff. I heard there is going to be a governing body for professional baseball that will eliminate some of these Mens Adult Indy Leagues.

  6. The Baseball Traveler

    It’s a beer league. Leave it at that.

  7. Ron

    why? these guys are the biggest joke in Indy Baseball…they don’t pay players either…

  8. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Didn’t they cancel their playoffs….what the…………

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