Boulders President Thanks Fans for Support, Record-Setting Attendance Mark

PRESS RELEASE – On behalf of the entire Rockland Boulders organization, I would like to thank you for your support of Boulders Baseball during our record-setting 2012 season at Provident Bank Park. More than 161,000 fans from throughout the Lower Hudson Valley and northern New Jersey turned out to root for their hometown team which placed us first in attendance in the Can Am League. This represents an increase in attendance of 30% over our inaugural season in 2011. The additional fans in the stands created a significant home field advantage and helped the Boulders enjoy a winning record at home this season.

The 2012 baseball season was filled with many memorable moments. From outfielder Keith Brachold’s quest for the single season Can Am home run record to the historic inter-league games with the American Association, Boulders fans were treated to excitement every time the team took the field. Off the field from bobbleheads to mini-bats; from commemorative coins to pet rocks; from dog bowls to Diamond Digs, we strived to entertain our guests at every game. Regardless of the final score on the field everyone goes home a winner if they leave with a smile on their face.

Provident Bank Park is a destination not only for professional baseball games, but a variety of other events as well. This community asset hosted blood drives, concerts, car shows, college/high school baseball games and more this year. Provident Bank Park is a wonderful place to spend time with family, friends and neighbors whether watching the Boulders or any other event.

Affordable family entertainment in the form of our third season at Provident Bank Park will be back before you know it. For a limited time only, take advantage of the significant savings offered on our 2013 season tickets, on sale now for as low as just $399 each. This represents a discount up to 37% off depending upon seat location. Season ticket holders get the best seats for the best price along with the best benefits including discounted parking, guaranteed giveaways and the promise that no ticket goes unused.

The Boulders can’t wait to get back on the field for 2013 season. We guarantee the fun and games will continue for many years to come as we look forward to hosting generation after generation of Rockland Boulders baseball fans.

All the Best,
Ken Lehner


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6 responses to “Boulders President Thanks Fans for Support, Record-Setting Attendance Mark

  1. Ron

    Edgardo, it is funny how people who are not involved, call such things as this a Joke, Nick was voted in by the other owners of the teams which includes the former NLL Commissioner Jim Jennings (owners of two PA teams for 2013) as Chairman of the league, after the owners voted out the league Commissioner for not fulfilling his duties in his given role. Given that this all happened 2.5 weeks ago, I completely understand his business decision to hold off until 2013, it is my guess that 2 of the 3 league officers were voted out of the league, and with the takeover from the league owners, they uncovered items that needed to be fixed, word on the street is he suggested to the other owners to go quiet and make things right on the league front, but two of the others owners being Lacrosse Players (Fans) not businessmen chose to just simply keep playing, leaving a divide within the league. I am sure it will work out, but the “JOKE” comment is a bit premature, not knowing anything about the league, the people in it, or and of the behind closed doors circumstances. I personally will continue to support the Rascals in any capacity, I went to several team practices and it was a blast, they had a strong squad and one of the best known coaching staffs in the sport. I truly look forward for 2013 and am excited to see where they end up.

  2. Edgardo

    Looks like the Fullerton Flyers are back

  3. Edgardo

    Ron what happened to the New Jersey Rascals they pulled the plug on the year. Hope you get your season ticket money back. What A Joke

  4. Danrodriguez804

    It’s possible they may bail to the Atlantic League, no? Dave LaPoint as the manager, former pitching coach of the Boulton-owned LI Ducks, he might have been doing the reconnaissance work. Conspiracy theory of the day

    • ballparkbiz

      Ron and Dan,

      I don’t know the details of the Boulders’ franchise agreement with the Can-Am League, but a move to the Atlantic League could cost them a hefty sum, unless the league was inclined to waive or substantially reduce the franchise fee. Without unanimous assent by the existing Atlantic League teams to waive the fee, it could cause a rift with those who paid a full franchise fee when they joined the league. There are also increased travel considerations and other budget concerns. If I were to guess (based on nothing more than a gut feeling), the Boulders will stay put and play it out, as long as they view the Can-Am as viable. With the apparent addition of Trois Rivieres and a potential new owner in Worcester before the 2013 campaign, maybe the holes get sufficiently plugged for now. I am not so quick to order a coffin for the Can-Am, despite the challenges. That said, the Boulders probably have better leverage with the Atlantic League right now than they might down road if the Can-Am were to actually close up shop. In any case, there should be a lot to talk about across the industry in the off season!


  5. Ron

    Alan, correct me if I am wrong, I believe this is the final year of a two year commitment to the Can-Am League…? are we to assume that this means they are renewing their commitment with a lack of other options?

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