Tornadoes Owner: ‘Outrageous’ to Believe Future is Bleak for Team

Amid legal action to secure payments for debts owed, a defiant Todd Breighner, owner of the indy pro Worcester Tornadoes (Can-Am League), showed up at the team’s closed offices Tuesday to collect items, as a moving crew was preparing to clear it out.  Breighner blamed the media circus on an overzealous lawyer and vowed that the team would be back in 2013.  Read more here.


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5 responses to “Tornadoes Owner: ‘Outrageous’ to Believe Future is Bleak for Team

  1. Edgardo

    Hey Ron I heard the league that the New Jersey Rascals are playing in is already in rough shape with the league president quitting, along with the vice president leaving the league for personal reasons. Think the league makes it through the season.

  2. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Teams with financial trouble are going to him. That’s the problem.
    Trying to find a gate attraction. If he was hitting homeruns like he used to then people would go to see him hit but right now they probably go to see him bounce a ball off his head for a homerun.

  3. Ron

    All of those teams were widely undercapitalized and in weak undermanned leagues with little credibility and fan-fare

  4. Edgardo

    I can’t believe the money Canseco was making. Either way indy ball owners should be aware wherever Canseco plays that team runs into finacial trouble. San Diego, Long Beach, Laredo, Yuma, and now Worcester. Any owner who is stupid to take a chance on a 48 year old has been, should be out the the buisness.

  5. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Canseco was to get paid 14,000 a month and hotel expenses. He was really reaching on this one. Need a better draw than Canseco if that money’s going to be recouped.

    Either way. If they’re back in 2013. He isn’t unless there is some type of financial gymnastics.

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