Players Claim Teams Owe Rent for Housing, Toole Responds

As previously reported, Jamie Toole pulled his summer collegiate Will County CrackerJacks and Illinois Lincolns out of the Midwest Collegiate League near the end of the season amid unadmitted financial troubles.  Players are now crying foul, as they have received bills for unpaid rent for housing the teams were allegedly supposed to cover.   Toole says any legitimate outstanding debts will be paid.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Players Claim Teams Owe Rent for Housing, Toole Responds

  1. Scott Wilson

    Have you noticed none of the teams event update their websites or content? I played in the league in 2010 and they were called the Great Plain League and had eight teams and are now dropping teams every year. My buddy said the Liners are not playing in this league next year and they were by far the best club in the league. CSBL is much stronger with talent and clubs.

  2. David Smith

    No names attached is the the way cowards express their opinions

  3. Michael

    Marty is a good guy and has had many players commit and actually had the league run through the whole summer

  4. Jo

    Toole should go and work with Marty Radford in the Myrtle Beach Collegiate Summer Baseball League (The Beach League), they would make a great pair lol.

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